Remnants of Summer

18 October 2013

Hello lovelies. This Friday I am linking up with my sweet friend Aimee who blogs over at Dear Harper Blog and my friend Lauren from My Passion Journey to bring you the Find Beauty Friday Linkup. The purpose of this linkup up is to find the beauty in your life and capture it, so that you can share it with others. Please feel free to link up whatever image you found beautiful via your blog, or Instagram using the links below. Also take a moment to visit some of the links and don't forget to leave a sweet comment for the blogs or instagram's you visit.

Today I am sharing with you last remnants of summer - summer is my least favorite monthly mainly because in Florida the temperatures soar. I have notice that there is no difference here in the north it still gets really really hot, sticky, and humid during the summer. Even though I don't care much for that season's weather I find that much of God's beautiful creativity is displayed in the form sunshine, foliage, shade from trees and crystal blue waters. I also find that summer tends to be a season of fellowship for both my friends and family and that's something I am okay with - picnics and barbecues.

As I was walking I saw this tree standing resilient and strong fighting the Fall to hold on to it's pretty blossoms. This was the last one left....and it's so beautiful. Even in the changes of season there is beauty there - both physically and spiritually!

Your Turn: Tell me about a beautiful moment in your week. Also what is your favorite and least favorite season? Are you enjoying the seasons in your life, whether spiritually or physically?

Dear Harper


  1. Ahh!! Summer is my favorite :) Winter is my least favorite! I don't do well below 80! Ha, I'll take 110 any day!

  2. I have some adorable blossoms still left on my morning glories! I love that they are handing on still!

  3. A beautiful moment in my week was when I picked my hubby up each day from work. I know I look at him all the time, but when I see him after a long days of work, I feel like I did when we met. My fav season is Fall, but I also like Spring. My least fav is Winter...I do not like being cold. At this present moment, I am not happy in the season that I am in physically. I want to loose weight so badly, but after reading your post, it motivated me to start looking at what I eat. I am happy with where I am going in my spiritual walk. I have started following SheReadsTruth and actually participating in the daily devotionals, so that makes my day go by a little better. Other than that, I am looking forward to my second fav season because that will mean, I am just that much closer to starting my new job as Media Specialist that I am claiming in Jesus' name!

  4. I love so much how you describe that tree fighting to hold those blossoms- they are so gorgeous! I'm a big time summer hater. I don't even go outside most of the time, unless it's sunset. I get burned so easy and I don't trust sunblock because I sweat profusely. Yuck yuck yuck. I love fall most of all! And spring is wonderful, too- but it never lasts long enough in Alabama.

  5. what a sweet link-up, I think I might have to remember this...

  6. Thanks for co-hosting again my friend! Your photo is gorgeous! xo


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