Lonely Holidays

31 October 2013

So the holidays are fast approaching, and I am feeling less festive than I thought I would be. By now I would have had a whole meal plan written out with the shopping list to match. I've got nothing!! I asked my husband what he wanted to eat for Thanksgiving this year and he happily request the same meal that I prepared for him last year. Honestly I was hoping he'd say let's go out instead, because that just how excited I am....not. I know part of feeling less than festive it is the loneliest I feel around the Holiday season. I love to cook but for the holidays I don't like cooking alone. 

I long for my family.
I long for my friends.
I long for children of my own to make memories with.

Yet and still neither of those them will be gathered around my dining room table this year. My husband is light in my life and I love being able to serve him and I relish in spending time with him. So I am not discounting his presence, he means the world to me. But since I was a little girl holidays have always been about family and lots of them. Part of me is very much excited to begin shopping for our holiday meal - but another part of me is lonely. I guess loneliness comes with the territory when you move away from people you love.

One whole year later, 1300 miles apart and I am still adjusting and trying to figure out how to feel whole without my family. I always wanted to grow up and move far way, I wanted to leave my family behind. I thought I needed to break free from them to find myself. When all the while they are me - I wish I could slap my younger self in the head what was she thinking?! 

I really miss my family. There are some lonely holidays ahead!! By the way Happy Pumpkin Day!

Your Turn: Are you close to your family? Where will you spend the holidays? Who will you spend that time with?

Let's Make Whoopie?!

30 October 2013

Okay not really!! But that's what my small group leader said when I brought these yummies to our group. Whoopie pies are not to be confused with moon pies, cookies or cake. These yummy tender morsels are formed from a batter that yields a slightly sweet outer and cream that makes a punch packing inner. The closer we get to the end of Fall the more I want to bake delectable Fall themed treats - pumpkin is everything! Whenever I have seen or had whoopie pies they have always been chocolate. I stumbled upon this pumpkin recipe and decided I had to make these for my Fall themed baking season. I am now somewhat obsessed with whoopie pies and I am thinking of trying my hand at make red velvet ones. So if you see this recipe repeat itself remember you have been warned.

When following the recipe I failed to read where it told me to use full tablespoons so I came up with 3 dozen pies instead of the 2 dozen that the recipe was supposed to yield. In a way it worked out perfectly because these portion sizes were much better for the people that I was making them for. My husband however ate the majority and there were only 20 left for our small group - and then when we got to group he ate 6 more. One of our small group members told him to share because he lived with the whoopie pies and they didn't!! I can't tell you how it made my smile to see everyone clamoring around to have 2 or 3 and giving me a pat on the back for a job well done. Thankfully a few people didn't show or there would not have been enough. Some of the members had never had a whoopie pie before and I think after that night they are probably wondering where they have been all their life. 

This recipe is truly easier than it looks. It is more time consuming than it is difficult. It would be a perfect recipe to make if you have more than two hands on deck -you can make it with your friends or family - I tackled it alone. Get inspired and check out the recipe below....maybe whoopie pies will be on your Thanksgiving desert table this year. I must warn you they are highly addicting and not the perfect choice for those that are health conscious and counting calories - you might have regrets but your taste buds won't! So live a little!!

P.S. I know that was a really big bite....please be mindful that I have all 32 teeth.

Whoopie Pies

2 cups light brown sugar, packed
3 cups all-purpose flour
1 cup canola oil
1½ cups pumpkin puree

2 large eggs*
2 tbs cinnamon
1 tsp baking powder
tsp baking soda
tsp salt
tsp vanilla extract

4oz cream cheese, softened*

6 tbs butter, softened*
½ tsp vanilla extract
2 cups confectioners’ sugar


Preheat your oven to 350 F. Grease your baking sheets or line them with parchment paper or a Silpat mat.

In a large bowl, combine brown sugar, oil, pumpkin, and eggs* beat on medium speed with a handheld or stand mixer. Sift together the dry ingredients and then add flour, cinnamon, baking powder, baking soda, salt, and vanilla. Make sure the mixture is thoroughly combined but do not over mix.

Scoop batter and drop tablespoonfuls onto baking sheet 2 inches apart. I used a portion scoop to make my life easier. If you don't have one use a measuring spoon and a small spatula

Bake until middle is done, it took mine 12 minutes and I stayed in the kitchen the entire time. Babysit these - you don't want them to overcook. Once they are done remove from baking sheet and let cool on a wire rack.

For the filling combine butter, cream cheese and vanilla, beating at medium speed. Beat until smooth and add confectioners’ sugar one cup at a time. Make sure butter and cream cheese are softened or your filling will be lumpy.

When cakes have cooled match them up with a same sized brother and spread approximately 1 tablespoon of the filling on flat side of the pies.


*All ingredients used in this recipe are vegan. Eggs are made from egg re-placer  Butter is Earth Balance, and Cream Cheese is Tofutti.

Your Turn: What's your favorite fall desert and tell me have you ever had a whoopie pie? 

Loving my love & A Giveaway!

29 October 2013

A beautiful weekend has left and my marital batteries on are super charge. My husband and I had a wonderful weekend to just focus on us. As hard as it was it was to step back from it all it was so worth being backed up in the email and photo editing department to spend time with him. You never realize how attached you are to your cellphone until you leave home without it on accident or on purpose. On our Thursday night dinner I made the conscious decision to leave my cellphone home, I knew I would not be talking on the phone but I didn't want to Instagram, tweet, email or anything else. Right before we walked out of the apartment my husband said "babe you're leaving your phone". I said "I know"and continued to walk out of the door. He looked surprised but didn't say a word and I tried to pretend like I wasn't regretting the decision! Haha!

We had a wonderful, quiet, and romantic dinner. While we waited for our food we actually held hands and talked like when we were courting! My husband brought his cellphone but he didn't need it because I was actually keeping him company this time. Dinner was amazing but nothing beats the conversations we had. We talked about our present and our future. We talked about how so much had changed in a positive way between us. Even if we talked about nothing the fact that we were having a real focused conversation meant a lot to him. I could tell because he was smiling more than he had in a while. And after last weeks mouth fiasco I was glad to be the sunshine in day again.

You know throughout these months of working on our marriage God has taught me so much about myself. He's showed me where I do well and where I need work. More than anything he showed me that his grace is sufficient in everything including living this day to day life as a wife. As of today we have been married for 3041 days that's 8 years 3 months and 27 days and I still can't believe we have made it this far. No doubt we love each other but I never thought any man could love me enough to stick around. But God knew exactly what he was doing when he brought this guy in my life. At 18 years old when I walked down the aisle I didn't fathom how blessed I truly was! I am so glad to be seeing the light now.

This marriage challenges me to die to myself everyday and I can feel the parts of me that are dying. I am still not perfect and likely will never be but I can see the progress that has been made in being a better wife. I am currently praying on what next month's goals will be. This month I worked on being my husband's biggest cheerleader, in September I worked on serving him, and in August I worked on being patient, kind, and a better listener. I am excited yet a little afraid of what challenges the next month will hold.

Your Turn: Did you have any goals for your marriage this month? How did you do? Feel free to link up your post by clicking the link below!

P.S I am sharing the Do's and Don'ts of a housewife and a lovely photo giveaway on my sweet friend Susannah's blog. Please stop by to check out the post and enter the giveaway!!!

Exotic Foods & Wines

28 October 2013

Whoa! Where did the weekend go? Why is it already Monday?! I praise God for a brand new week, but goodness the fun always ends too soon. This weekend I tried my best to stay off social networks and enjoy the weekend with my hubby. It worked out pretty well we did some shopping and explored exotic foods and wines at our local whole foods.

I also had to provide refreshments for my small group this weekend. So I prepared a fruit platter with a special dip. We also picked up what may be our last bundle of food from our CSA for the season. So needless to say I did tons of fruit and veggies washing this weekend.

Despite doing a few chores I took the time to relax and recharge my batteries. So far I can report that I am feeling pretty good and I am ready to tackle the week ahead. This week I am starting over with my weekly wishes. I can't even remember what I wished to accomplish the weeks before so here are my new goals.

Goals for the Week
1. Catch up on emails!!! Yes if you are in my inbox without a reply I am getting to ya!!

2. Order those pictures for Christmas cards! Why is this so hard?

3. Take the box of purged clothes to goodwill and stock up on a few jeans that actually fit.

4. Put new and successful recipes in journal and send photos to print.

5. Wash my hair!! Yep I put that on the list. I don't use heat to dry my hair so washing it is something I have to plan in advance. I must wash it in the morning so it will have all day to dry.

6. Fold and put away laundry!

That's what I hope to accomplish for this week. Hopefully I can knock out a few of those things today. Excited to report back and let you all know how it goes!! 

Your Turn: Are you procrastinating about anything? What do you need to accomplish this week?

Faithful Friday: You're My Idol

25 October 2013

Being a Christian I think one of the touchiest subject is how much you really love God. Most Christians don't want their faith to be questioned they don't want their allegiance to God be questioned. But sometimes it's important to step back and look at how much we love God. It's important to search our hearts to see if there's anything that we put before him.

My husband and I are in a small group together during the middle of the week. The things that we are learning from the course are amazing but the things that we learn from other Christians no matter their stage in their walk is even more priceless. At our new church many of the people there have converted from other denominations and now fall under the non denominational Christian umbrella. I am also a convert, I was baptist for the majority of my life. If you aren't sure what baptist Christians are like watch this video.

I hope you enjoyed the video. I truly enjoyed the richness and the colorful ness from my baptist churches. They did preach beautifully and the Holy Ghost was always in the midst of those places. 

But getting back to the subject matter it's important for us to search our hearts to see if God is our number one. I'll be honest with you for much of my Christian walk I believe that I was really focused on God, that I love him with all my heart, that he was my number one, and that a relationship with him with my top priority. Looking back I can see that only part of that was true I did love God but not more than I love something else. I did want a relationship with God but only contingent on if he would give me what I was asking for. My love for God was swayed by my love for a child that I had not even met. That's where idols come in, if there's something in our lives that we want more than we want a relationship with God that something becomes our idol.
You must not have any other god but me. You must not make for yourself an idol of any kind or an image of anything in the heavens or on the earth or in the sea. You must not bow down to them or worship them, for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God who will not tolerate your affection for any other gods. I lay the sins of the parents upon their children; the entire family is affected—even children in the third and fourth generations of those who reject me. Exodus 20:3-5
God doesn't want us to have idols because:

1. He is a jealous God. I mean come on if you did half of what God does for us for someone else and they turned their backs on you to serve someone else - wouldn't you be jealous too?

2. Even if we receive what we were idolizing it won't fill our void. Our longing for the idol is just a substitute for a deeper emptiness only God can fulfill. Our idols can't fill our God sized voids!

3. Idols enslave us. When you want something so badly you do anything you can to make it a reality. When you want a big fancy house you work so hard for it nearly killing yourself. To get this you never rest, spend time with family - or God. When you want a marriage you may be inclined to settle for the wrong person just to say "I'm Married". When you want a child you may sacrifice your body, your relationships and your money to make it a reality. Living this way makes us a slave to things that are not God. Jesus died to free us having idols enslaves us. 
Before you Gentiles knew God, you were slaves to so-called gods that do not even exist. Galatians 4:8
Your idol may not be a baby like mine was your idol may be a husband your idol may be a home your idol a car your idol may be a career your idol maybe your family whatever that idol is cannot come before God. Sometimes it's even possible to have more than one idol at the time. While I was idolizing the idea of being a mother I also idolized my own mother. She became my soul, she became my strength, she became my everything and I relied on her more than anyone else I knew. Now don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with loving our parents and there is nothing wrong with desiring have a child but when those things take away from our time with God that's when they become a problem. There were times in my life that I was having breakdowns, depression and frustration - instead of turning to God I turned to my mom. There were many times that God directed me to my mother for wisdom but more times than that He was trying to pull me closer to him. He was trying to speak into my heart but I shut Him out.
Take delight in the Lordand he will give you your heart’s desires. Psalm 37:4
I have now given God the desires of my heart and seeking a relationship with Him is my highest priority. Sure I have questions and yes some days I still get discouraged but in all of that there is peace that surpasses my understanding. The best advice I can give anyone who wants to remove an idol from their life is to surrender that idol to God. Trust that he will give you the desires of your heart, trust that he knows what's best for you, trust that he will not withhold anything that is good from you.

I challenge you to pray to God and ask him to search your heart and reveal to you any idols that you put before him. Believe that when you ask him to reveal those idols He will the same way he revealed my idols to me when I thought that there was nothing I put before Him. Be ready to make changes, be honest with God - He will help you get through.

Your Turn: What's your idol? Or what was your idol? Feel free to email me if there is anything I can pray about for you.

Coffee Dates & Cuddles

24 October 2013

This week has been one with chaos, disappointments, frustrations, and as usual many many questions. Each time we look too far ahead into the future we expose ourselves to anxiety and when we look back towards our past we expose ourselves to depression. A friend of mine posted this quote:
"Worry is allowing problems and distress to come between us and the heart of God. It is the view that God has somehow lost control of the situation and we cannot trust Him. A legitimate concern presses us closer to the heart of God and causes us to lean and trust on Him all the more." ~Gary E. Gilley
This quote convicted me in more ways than one. So rather than keeping a mental checklist of all that's going wrong or all that I'm unsure about here's a list of all that I am grateful for.

I'm grateful for life. Before I was 20 years old four of my friends had passed away - having never seen their 21st birthday.

I'm grateful for marriage. Not only am I blessed beyond measure with the spouse that God chose for me. But in this marriage I am being challenged daily to be the woman that God wants me to be. Whether I wanted to or not I am growing and changing - its somewhat thrilling.

I'm grateful for friendships. Women have come from near and far to support me in some of my toughest moments. I have been praying for friendships for about 4 years. God put amazing women in my life 3 years ago and then 1 year ago I moved away from them. Again I began to pray for friendships and again God blessed me with wonderful women who pour into my life in more ways than one. If you are reading this you are likely one of them.

I'm grateful for seaweed snacks. I can't eat tons of potato chips but honestly these taste similar and are so much better for you.

I'm grateful for food. There is nothing like being able to nourish the body and the spirit. Not only do I love to eat good physical food but spiritual food is what sustains me the most.

I'm grateful for family. I'm not able to connect with them daily because of the distance - but it sure feels good to know that no matter how far away I go, I always have a home in my family.

I'm grateful for movies and literature that inspire me. Storytelling is such an art.

I'm grateful for wisdom. God continues to open my eyes daily and to both the large and small things that make up my life.

I'm grateful for coffee dates with friends. There is just something about dating your friends...it recharges the batteries and helps you to connect in so many ways.

I'm grateful for pockets of stillness in my day where I can be creative. It's just nice to be inspired to do the things that bring me joy.

I'm grateful for cozy couches for resting and cuddles with loved ones.

I'm grateful for Fall! As the season changed so has my season in life. It's busy and kind of chaotic but there have been so many lessons I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Lastly I'm grateful for this outlet for my thoughts. I feel so safe sharing here and so encouraged by you all. 

Your Turn: What are you grateful for?? It can be big or small.

Shut Up Charity!!

22 October 2013

Have you ever had any moments where you wish you could just step outside of your body and tell yourself to shut up? Well I have those moments often. I won't discount my progress I know that God has brought me from a really long way. Before I talked way more than I listened, now it's official that I listen just as much as I talk!! Hopefully the scales will continue to tip in the direction of listening more.

This week my dear sweet husband told me that he wanted to spend more time with me. He doesn't put pressure on me especially during my peak photo season but I have to admit that after his birthday extravaganza I dialed it way down. I've been editing, writing, reading, and I haven't even seen the pots in two weeks. So when he told me that he wanted to spend some time together I got annoyed. Now I didn't read his remark as "Babe I miss you and I want to spend time with so we can reconnect." Instead I read his comment as a complaint about my work and my self care. And I was mean, I took a jab and said "I didn't complain when he worked so much I just sucked it up". In that very moment I wanted to say shut up Charity!!! What was wrong with me? Why was I reading between the lines of a comment that was innocent, loving, and that came from a place of longing?!

After my snarkiness emerged I immediately closed my mouth and wished I could take it back. I took a moment in the bathroom and just asked God to help me to say the right words. When I came out my husband was sitting in the same spot kind of somber definitely saddened that I had taken his words the wrong way. I asked God for the right words to fix the situation and guess what? I was speechless. Needless to say talking had gotten me into this mess so maybe being quiet would get me out. I sat down on the couch next to him and just hugged him and said I was sorry. We talked it out the next morning and I said that I would try harder to be present. I was also reminded to not let my pride or selfishness get in the way of responding to my husbands needs. 

I have done really good at encouraging him, loving him, and being kind. But some where along the way I skipped out on listening actively and serving him. I had so many things coming up that both annoyed me and occupied my time - but my circumstances are no excuse to ignore the ones I love. The fact that I am so busy that my husband is speaking out shows that I am too busy and juggling too much.

I am happy that I can see a huge break in my calendar and I look forward to getting back to spending quality time with my love. We have plans for dinner again Thursday night. I have vowed to myself that I won't even take my phone I want to completely disconnect and spend time with him. Here's to hoping my wife report card for next week yields straight A's.

Your Turn: Are you intentional about spending quality time with your spouse? When life gets busy in what ways to you make sure you stay connected?

Picture This

21 October 2013

If you use Instagram I bet you've wondered what you could do with all those beautiful photos that you have captured with that square frame. Maybe you have photos that you have taken with your cellphone that you'd like to print - well there is an app that can do just that. It's called Postal Pix, this app is available in both the android and iPhone market and it's free. All you have to do is download the app and choose the photos you want and the sizes.

Postal pix currently offers the standard size images 4X6, 5X7, and 8X10. They also have square prints that work well for Instagram photos in 4X4, 5X5, 8X8 and a 2X2 grid that has 9 2X2 photographs. Along with the prints they also offer aluminum prints, iPhone covers, mouse pads all at a really affordable price. The prices for prints begins at $.29 and climb up to $3.49 for the 8X10.

The photos are printed on Kodak Endura paper. The paper is strong and very durable - because the paper is matte not glossy there are no finger prints. The color and clarity is spot on for each photograph, even the ones I used filters and actions on. Some of my photos printed were sent through apps that allow you to add text to your photograph, all of the words on the photos were clear upon printing and easy to read. 

Overall Postal Pix met my needs - the photos were of great quality, the prices are affordable, and most of all ordering is more convenient than any PhotoLab around because you don't have to leave the conform of your home. My favorite photo size has to be the 2X2 size because it works perfect for my recipe book. The only complaint I had is that my first order was lost in the mail. I contacted Postal Pix and they immediately sent another order. They assured me that this was an anomaly and that only 2% of their orders are ever lost.  The second order arrived with expedited shipping in two days.

I would say that Postal Pix is the way to go if you are looking to order pictures on the go.

Your Turn: Have you printed any photographs taken with your cellphone? What was the last thing you took a photo of that seems frame worthy.

I was not paid to do this review all opinions are my own. 

Remnants of Summer

18 October 2013

Hello lovelies. This Friday I am linking up with my sweet friend Aimee who blogs over at Dear Harper Blog and my friend Lauren from My Passion Journey to bring you the Find Beauty Friday Linkup. The purpose of this linkup up is to find the beauty in your life and capture it, so that you can share it with others. Please feel free to link up whatever image you found beautiful via your blog, or Instagram using the links below. Also take a moment to visit some of the links and don't forget to leave a sweet comment for the blogs or instagram's you visit.

Today I am sharing with you last remnants of summer - summer is my least favorite monthly mainly because in Florida the temperatures soar. I have notice that there is no difference here in the north it still gets really really hot, sticky, and humid during the summer. Even though I don't care much for that season's weather I find that much of God's beautiful creativity is displayed in the form sunshine, foliage, shade from trees and crystal blue waters. I also find that summer tends to be a season of fellowship for both my friends and family and that's something I am okay with - picnics and barbecues.

As I was walking I saw this tree standing resilient and strong fighting the Fall to hold on to it's pretty blossoms. This was the last one left....and it's so beautiful. Even in the changes of season there is beauty there - both physically and spiritually!

Your Turn: Tell me about a beautiful moment in your week. Also what is your favorite and least favorite season? Are you enjoying the seasons in your life, whether spiritually or physically?

Dear Harper

My Secret....

17 October 2013

I've shared so many different things on this blog but one thing I have been hush about is my journey to lose weight. I have mentioned several times that I was eating clean in efforts to be healthier but what I didn't say was that when I started this blog I was severely overweight. In my journey to try to conceive I gained an insane amount of weight. I won't blame all of it on baby-making because when I started I was about 20lbs up from my marriage weight. That's because my husband is a really good cook and was feeding me all the Jamaican food I could inhale. But 50 lbs later and I found my self at a whopping 220lbs! 

Feel free to pick up your jaw I had the same reaction when I saw the scale. One thing the doctors didn't prepare me for when I was in treatment was the amount of weight I could gain. They didn't prepare me by telling me even if I didn't get pregnant I would feel like I was and in turn want to eat everything in sight. They didn't tell me that injectable medicines would cause me to gain hard to lose belly fat. They also didn't tell me that medicines would cause me to be super emotional and a half brained nut case. Aside from talking about hot flashes I was not prepared for what I got. 

Left photo is Christmas 2012 at 216 lbs and Right photo Tuesday is at 155lbs.
Granted I don't think my weight would have been such a bother had I conceived. I would have gladly sacrificed a coke bottle shape to look like a beer keg for Baby Fixit. With our journey to baby at a stand still I found my spirit was not content with my body. Let me make this disclaimer: I don't believe that you need be to be a particular number on the scale. I don't believe everyone needs to be a size zero. I don't believe our pants size defines us. I do believe that you should be comfortable in your skin, comfortable in your jeans, comfortable with your reflection no matter what the scale says. So that's the journey that I embarked on in February 2013 when I decided that enough was enough. I knew that it was time for me to lose weight because everything made me tired. I lost the desire to look my best. I had absolutely zero sex drive. I also never wanted to have my picture taken. 

Since starting a solely plant based diet in 2006 I noticed that my weight would fall on it's own. I would lose and gain weight depending on where I was in treatment. When we took break from treatment I decided it was time. I was tried of holding on to all this weight so I decided to make changes to help me drop the pounds - I started clean eating. In clean eating I removed sugars and all starches from my diet. I upped my fiber and water in take and started a smoothie detox. I did that for 90 days until I reached my short term goal. Then after reaching my goal sought to maintain my weight and reintroduce healthy foods. I started a second round of clean eating to help shed more pounds in September. I also over hauled my ingredients and currently eat about 85% organic with the 15% being the foods that I eat outside of the home. I decided to go organic because I read how pesticides affect the endocrine system thus inhibiting weight loss. In effort to eat more organic foods I also began cooking more of my meals at home. Which definitely helped me save money, lose weight, and become more creative with my vegan diet.

I am still not exactly where I want to be but I am comfortable in my skin, comfortable in my jeans, and comfortable in front of the camera . As of today my weight is down from 220 to 155lbs. It took me 8 months to get to this point but it was well worth it. I feel great, my knee injury is not that irritable, I have tons of energy, and I feel like the old me.

Your Turn: Do you have any secrets to share? Are you comfortable in your jeans? What do you do to stay in shape or eat healthy?

Snickerdoodle Doo

16 October 2013

If you haven't guessed by the title this week's recipe is snickerdoodle cookies. Cookies are recently some of my favorite sweet treats, but my love for cinnamon spans throughout my whole life. I like cinnamon in my oatmeal, I like cinnamon flavored gum, I like cinnamon in all my pies and puddings, I like cinnamon rolls, churros, and cinnamon on my elephant ears! Cinnamon makes everything taste better. When I found this recipe for these cinnamon sugar cookies also known as Snickerdoodles I knew I had to try and make them. 

But cinnamon doesn't only taste good it smells really good too!!! For me cinnamon is the epitome of fall scents and next to that is pumpkin. Cinnamon also reminds me of ciders and yummy apple pie. So these cookies are the perfect fall recipe!

I was not sure how vegan I could make this because in the recipe I know that cream of tartar reacts with real eggs to give volume to things like meringue on pies. I didn't know if cream of tartar would react the same way with the egg replacer. My idea of a successful recipe is when my final product looks like the photo that is shown with the recipe so after looking at my photos and the place where I found this recipe I have to say this was bang on. Not only did these cookies rise to perfection but the sugar to cinnamon ratio was perfect and not overly sweet. The center was soft, warm and not at all dry - this cookies are phenomenal. Check out how easy this recipe is below.


For the Dough:
1 cup softened butter
1 1/3 cup granulated sugar
1 egg*
2 tsps vanilla extract
3 cups flour
2 tsps cream of tartar*
1 tsp baking soda
2 1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp salt

For the Topping:
1/4 cup granulated sugar
1 tap cinnamon

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Line two baking sheets with parchment paper or a silicone baking sheet.

Which together the 1/4 cup of sugar with 1 tsp of cinnamon in a small bowl for the topping.

In a large bowl begin making the dough by fitting your mixer with the paddle attachment. 

Cream the butter that you softened by beating it on medium for one minute. Once mixture is smooth add sugar and continue to mix until fluffy. 

Mix in the egg* and vanilla. Be sure to scrap down the sides of the bowl to insure ingredients are thoroughly mixed.

In another bowl combine your dry ingredients - flour, baking soda, cinnamon, salt, cream of tartar and sift or whisk together.

Reduce your mixer to low speed and combine the dry ingredients with the wet ones. Add the dry ingredients slowly adding a little at a time until thoroughly mixed.

You will notice that the dough is really thick and if your mixer is not powerful enough you may have to combine the rest with your hands.

 With the mixer running on low speed, slowly add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients in 3 different parts. The dough is quite thick and you may have to stir the rest by hand.

Take 1 of dough and roll into a ball, I use portion scoops to help me do this accurately  Roll the dough balls into the cinnamon and sugar topping you set aside, and then place on prepared cookie sheet.

Allow cookies to  bake for 12 minutes, the cookies should be thick and soft they might also have a few cracks. If you like a thinner cookie feel free to press them down a bit while they are warm. 

Let cookies cool and Enjoy!!!

*All ingredients used for this recipe are vegan. Egg is Egg Replacer. Cream of tartar is required.

I really hope you try this quick and easy recipe as much as I enjoyed baking it. It's a simple and quick recipe that takes about 20-30 minutes from start to finish. If you make these cookies don't be a hoarder, share! The cookies are a perfect holiday gift that will yield about 3 dozen cookies.

Your Turn: If you had to choose one type of cookie to eat for the rest of your life what kind would it be?

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