You're Such A Nag!

17 September 2013

I don't know about you but I can hardly stand when someone is really whiny and nagging all the time. It's just really annoying. Now imagine dealing with nagging and whining after you have worked a full 8-12 hour shift, wouldn't that just send you over the top? Well my husband fortunately stays cool as a cucumber no matter how much I get on his nerves. This week once again my own life and schedule seemed so hectic that I could hardly contain myself. My photography season is actually settling down now but it's been crazy trying to get all this last minute stuff done, while maintaining my home and social life. I found myself complaining a lot more to my husband when he came home.

I complained about his one dish that was in the sink. I complained about a few of his chin hairs that I found on the bathroom floor. I also complained about how we can't even seem to finish a movie on Netflix because we both have been super busy. Instead of complaining I should have been making my husband glad to come home, I should have told him how much I really miss him when he's gone for about 15 hours working to provide for us. I should have cherished anytime that we had together, but instead I complained.

It took me a few days to realize how much I was failing this week because I simply could not keep all my negative thoughts to myself. My goal to serve my husband extends beyond fixing him a plate of food or washing his clothes. I realized that I also needed to serve him some PEACE and peace does not include nagging, complaining, and whining.

On Sunday I was fortunate enough to snap out of my funk because for another week I will be away handling photography business. I decided to make the most of being home with my hubby bear and decided that we would sleep in and have brunch. Right before I started cooking he got called away for work, he said he would be back before I realized it. As he walked out of the door a test walked right on in. Do you remember last month when I said I was going to work on my patience? Well I guess God just wanted to see how far I had come with that. My husband did not get back home until around 3pm, brunch was a fail and I had fallen asleep.

I didn't even notice when he came home and honestly I was not the least bit upset. I had prayed to wear love that morning when I awoke so I was ready for whatever came my way. My husband was likely expecting me to turn into the HULK so he came home with an olive branch to make it up to me. As I awoke and walked into the living room to start editing some photos I found two gifts laid out for me.

I was really happy for the gifts but at the same I don't want my to be the kind of nagging wife to make my husband feel like he's always doing something wrong. Even though he seemed to tiptoe around me when he came home I fawned over him so that he knew I was okay. I didn't grill him about why he brought the gifts, I just graciously accepted them, I am thankful for a husband that is so thoughtful no matter the case.

This week may not have been as great as I expected it to be but I have learned a lot in the process. By no means do I think my husband is perfect or that I am a terrible wife, I am just a flawed human seeking to be better at the one thing that matters most in my life.

Your Turn: How are you doing in your marriage goals? What are you working on this week?

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  1. I want to work on really listening to my husband. Admittedly when he talks about football or something else I'm truly not interested in I give him a lot of "uh huh oh cools". I'm not really listening to something that he cares about and loves.

    I think it's always important to work on our nagging or complaining. It's so much easier to nag then to not to. Your hubby sounds like a great guy!

  2. I always love your heart and vulnerability with us!! So sweet of him, love that!! My husband too is SO patient, I've never seen him raise his voice or even get upset/angry/mad etc. I can lose my cool quickly over little things, so that is always my ongoing thing I need to work on!!!

  3. How sweet of your husband! I know that I am definitely guilty of nagging my husband a lot!! :P I need to work on it.

  4. I am so guilty of being a nagging wife too! Thanks for posting this! I needed it today so much.

  5. I do the same thing. I need to watch what I say and do. A lot of times I find myself just talking out loud and not to him but he doesn't take it that way. I know that it doesn't help matters much but sometimes we need to vent. I feel like our work load and daily stresses take away from the valuable time we should be enjoying with our loved ones. Good luck girl I feel like we are all in the same boat! XO

  6. This post really speaks to my heart! It probably applies to every week, but especially this week. There have been mornings this week when the first words out of my mouth have been words of criticism. I couldn't even muster a good morning before I was complaining about the mess he made while I was sleeping or the clean laundry he didn't fold. Thank you for holding that painful mirror to my face and reminding me to be a better version of myself. My husband has made a beautiful, amazing life for me and sometimes I have gotten too spoiled to see the forest for the trees.

  7. It's definitely something I need to work on as well and its interesting because often when i do nag, I don't get the result I want anyway so it surprises me that I would keep on doing it haha.
    Very lucky ladies to have such patient husbands who luckily love us no matter what :)

  8. I can really relate to this post. I nag a lot! And then I think "If only he would show some initiative I wouldn't even have to nag!" I need to work on this.
    I do sometimes stop and think before nagging and wonder if it's even worth it. Most of the time I'll just think "Nope.. not worth the drama" and I'll do the job myself. What your husband did was really sweet.


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