Vegging out on YouTube!

23 September 2013

Two weeks ago I shared with you all my first weekly wishes. I was overwhelmed and feeling pulled in every direction but I knew that it was time to get some stuff taken care of. I did not have a chance to report back to say how that was all going but by the grace of God I go a lot of stuff done.

My wishes were to:
Order, Organize, and Occupy.

I needed to Order several things from Amazon and Vitacost. So that was a check.

I also needed to Organize my photos and archive some of them. I also needed to organize my home. That was also a check.

I said that I wanted to Occupy my free time with doing more productive things. That was a fail!

This week I had about 10 hours that were free and I wasted them again watching YouTube videos. I mean it could be worst I could have been vegging out on episodes of Pretty Little Liars instead, hehe. Honestly after a long day of shooting that's the one thing that I do to relax, but it's not productive at all. That same week I did some portraits of my husband and I, they still have not been retouched. So I could have used a few hours for that instead.

So my wishes for this week are:

To retouch our photos so they can be ready for Christmas Cards and sent to people that have not had a photo of us since our wedding in 2005.

I also need to pack up the clothes that no longer fit and take them to Goodwill.

My desk need to be organized too. Seriously I have ten drawers on my desk but nothing is in them everything is on top! I am usually more of a tidy person than this but I have had no time.

To bake again, it's been more than a week since I made something. I am mulling over making my first fall related recipe since it's officially Fall, so stay tuned for that.

My last wish for this week is to relax without vegging out to YouTube or any electronic source. I am hoping for a date with a book in Bryant Park this week. I hope it can happen.

Your Turn: What are your wishes for this week? What do you need to get done?


  1. My wish this week is to stay calm as we move forward with our IUI. I don't want to get worked up at all and want to create a nice warm, cozy, calm enviorment. Much easier said than done.

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  3. Good luck on all of your goals for this week!

    Great job last week! I totally understand watching YouTube videos! I'm obsessed with gymnastics and I could sit for a straight 24 hours just re-watching gymnastics meets!

    Have a great week!

  4. All the best on your goals! Mine has been and continues to be the lack of productivity on my downtime. I feel like a writer with a block when it comes to finding things to do and actually doing them.

  5. I'm glad you were able to get most of your goals completed! And wasting time on YouTube can sometimes be the best. I know what you mean, though, sometimes I'd just rather have a book building up my mind rather than wasting time on YouTube.

  6. grr either this ate my comment or you are approving them now :(

  7. I need to finish up my wedding posts for my blog! I'm recapping our wedding festivities for our anniversary! :)

  8. mmm I love baking so can not wait to see what you make.
    Good luck with the rest of your wishes.


  9. I need to step away from the electronics myself so I think that is a great goal!! I hope you can succeed!

  10. Ok, ok, so I know I'm late (about a week late), so one of my goals is to catch up on my blogging and my blog reading, get caught up on some work stuff, and start making my notecard sets (the prints arrived on Monday - yay!)


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