Pads or Tampons?

05 September 2013

This post has nothing to do with conventional pads or tampons its actually about alternative and environmentally friendly feminine hygiene products. In April I shared about what I was doing to care for the earth and one of those things was switching to reusable feminine hygiene products. I posted about Cloth Pads and although the post received no comments it still remains the most read post on my blog. Now I know this subject is touchy and most people never want to hear about it let along talk about it but like I said before I just want all women to know they have options. Even when it comes to alternative feminine products we have options. When I shared about the cloth pads I was thinking of trying a menstrual cup to review the product for you, my readers. In passing I found out a friend of mine on Instagram was actually a menstrual cup user and I figured her review would be more accurate than mine - so I asked her to write a post for me. Christina lives in California and loves using her Diva Cup. She didn't initially switch for the same reasons I did but she made the switch nonetheless.


Why did I switch to the Diva Cup?: Most people would assume that if someone were to switch to the Diva Cup it would be to be environmentally friendly or to abstain from bleached personal products. But honestly, I have been trying to find ways to be more frugal with my spending. I checked out a girl's blog on how to save money and one of her suggestions was using the Diva Cup to lower the amount of waste and cost of feminine hygiene products. So, I went to the Walgreen's website and purchased my first cup. I never looked backed to tampons or pads ever since.
How you use it on the go: Well, this summer has given me a chance to get used to the functionality of the cup (I'm a graduate student, so imagine using public bathrooms to learn how to use it!). The first time I used it, I literally freaked out that I couldn't remove it (many women have experienced this)! However, there are three tips I learned along the way: 

1. RELAX, gravity is REAL which will make the cup heavy and slowly dropping down so that it'll be easier to remove. 

2. Kegels are your best friend. Sometimes the cup will need to be twisted 360 degrees for it to open up when in use, but kegels will also work so that the cup is opened up to collect your flow. 

3. The first time you use it, you might want to try it in the shower before trying to use it in the bathroom. If the cup drops, you can immediately wash it with the Diva Wash with hot water. If it drops in the toilet, you should wash it immediately or boil it in water.

When I'm on the go, I usually do these things:
1. Wash my hands for twenty seconds.
2. Squat over the toilet and try to get a good grip of the step of the cup.
3. Empty the contents.
4. Rinse the cup (if you are in a stall, bring a bottle of water to rinse it).
5. Reinsert.
6. Re-wash my hands and go!

How you clean it: I use the Diva Wash and hot water which is amazing when I'm on the go. 
Do you have cramps since you aren't using disposable products?: I would be lying if I said I don't ever have cramps. But, I can say that my cramps have decreased (I also must add that I've increased the amount of workouts I've been doing this summer).
Is your menstrual cycle length and volume the same?: Before I was using tampons and pads. I couldn't tell you how heavy my flow was before because I didn't have a cup to measure it, however, in regard to my cycle length, I don't think that it has anything to do with the cup itself. Your cycle flow would be contingent on how much exercise and how you are physically.
- You know your flow each day
- You can immediately dump and go (and it doesn't smell...since your flow hasn't hit the air!) and feel fresh
- Extremely easy to clean
- You can wear it overnight
- You will understand your anatomy much better
- The Diva Wash is good for your cup and ALSO for your skin - it's sulfate free!
- There is a learning curve - it took me two cycles to actually get the hang of things but once I did, it has been amazing!
- My first day of my cycle, I'm extremely heavy so I do end up putting a pantyliner for protect - so changing the cup every three hours may be a must the first day.

I hope you have gain insight from this post and feel empowered to make informed choices about your feminine care products. The diva cup is natural, chemical free, and reusable. I hope you will enjoy Christina's honest review she enjoys her Diva cup for many of the same reasons I enjoy my cloth pads.If you are interested in reusable feminine hygiene products I urge your to research all your options because there are so many. As stated in my post I choice my pads for earth friendliness and to remove non sterile products and chemicals from my lady parts. If you are interested in more info on cloth pads I would be happy to answer more questions for you as well. Here is another post written about menstrual cups, this woman talks about how menstrual cups changed her life.

Leave your comments or questions below. I would love to hear from you.

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  1. Definitely very insightful. I don't think it would be right for me since in my line of work I can't always guarantee a rest room break.

  2. This is so interesting! I really do think I'm going to look into using these!

  3. Very interesting - I know nothing about this. I have a post in my draft right now about tampons and the toxicity of them! Maybe I need to try this out!

  4. I've never even heard of this! I think I'll stick with pads/tampons though!


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