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10 September 2013

Each day is more of a challenge in my goal to serve my husband. I can easily serve him at home but is it really serving when it super easy? After a smooth sailing week in my goal to serve him I hit a road bump. My hubby came home from work and reminded me about his work picnic. I was bummed because it happened to fall on the one day I had free in my schedule. I had already planned to spend the day taking care of me and doing what I wanted.

For a few days I thought about how I could break the news to him that I didn't want to go. I was hoping to convince him that he would have more fun alone. Then the day before picnic when I was doing the dishes he comes in and says "I am so excited for this picnic, I can't wait for everyone to meet you!" I felt horrible immediately, I was waiting for him to stop talking so I could interject and say "I don't want to go". By the time I had a chance to speak all I could say was "Okay, I have to figure out what to wear!" When I really wanted to scream "Noooo, someone save me!" But I didn't have the heart to let him down.

I'll be honest my thoughts were all about me. I had been apprehensive in the beginning because I wanted to spend the day doing what I wanted. Then I was concerned that I would not know anyone or that I didn't really like being outdoors. Do you see the common theme?! Everything was about me. I have figured out that you can't serve someone in love if you are constantly thinking about yourself. I am absolutely guilty of doing this all too often especially where my husband is concerned.

So when the picnic day arrived I woke up determined to wear love and to serve my husband however I could. We had a nice breakfast and did a few errands before heading to the picnic. As we arrived we were greeted by tons of his coworkers who were beaming from ear to ear as they shook my hand. Some of them even hugged me as if we had been long time friends. They fawned all over me wanting to serve me food and offering me a seat. A few of them even mentioned that my husband was super lucky to have me. As I sat down and the guys continued to chat I noticed that there was a group of wives tucked away in the corner. I could tell that they were already familiar with each other so I just ate my food and silently waited.

I knew that interacting with others was and important part of serving my husband. Every thing that I did while at the picnic was a reflection of him. After eating a little food I finally mustered up the courage to speak to the other women that were there. A few of them truly weren't too interested but I was able to chat with several of them for the entire time. I even managed to make a few friends and have already planned lunch dates with them.

Overall I would have to say the picnic was a hit and I am so glad that I went. My husband is an amazing guy and I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to put my love in action for him. His coworkers said that he's lucky to have me but I am more blessed to have him.

I can't wait to share more about how things are going this month. Did you set goals for your relationship? If so let me know how it's going in the comments below.

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  1. Im so glad that you ended up having a good time at the picnic. Sometimes it really is nice to have those "me" days, but it is also important to go to those picnic or work functions and branch out. You never know who you will meet or how wonderful it will be until you are there~

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  3. Ah, this is so my life ALL the time lately. I have all of these great plans on nights when I have free and nothing goes as planned or I'm forced to do something I don't want to do! :P Thanks for linking up!!

  4. I love this part: "Is it really serving when it super easy?" I use to think okay this serving and submitting to my husband thing is easy. Until you have that, "I don't want to moment," or "I don't think that's a good decision moment."

    I am so glad you went. I love how God throws in those curveballs to wake us up out of our me-me-me world! Love ya girl.

    Carmen @

  5. I'm so glad you were able to "buck up" and go to the picnic. ;-) There's a fine line between serving our hubbies and doing what they're wanting and also taking time for ourselves (which sometimes means telling even our husbands "no"). It's so important to find the balance.

  6. I have had those same thoughts - even when my sweet husband would drop anything in a second to be with me, and always does whatever I want - I have a hard time releasing control of my schedule - thank you for the reminder! So glad that you went and had fun!

  7. What a great goal! You are such an inspiration--it is rough sometimes to give up your own "wants" for your husband. Thanks for the reminder, girl!

  8. oh thats awesome!! Good on you! i find it hard to step out of my comfort zone sometimes with meeting new people but find that more of that happens BEFORE it actually happens. I do all this worrying and 'what ifs' before the day that when the day actually comes - its really not as bad as I think it would be and look you end up enjoying it :)

    But when its about your husband, the man you love, its a great reminder to attend to his needs before your own....though it does go both ways too but :)

    Are you going to do take 2 for your 'me day'?

  9. I am so glad you were able to step outside of your comfort zone. I know how fearful this can be because I am such a homebody! I feel like a lot of times the women that are married to the men Tony work with already have their "groups" and that we really just dont fit their mold. Kuddos to you for being the bigger person though and introducing yourself! That definitely took some courage. I often find myself in a battle with what I want, what Tony wants, and what is best for our marriage. If I was honest, this is daily. It is nice to see that I am not the only wife out there that struggles with these thoughts, but it is also nice to be encouraged to be of serve to the man who provides for all that I want, need, or have on earth. Truly thankful for your post today. I actually wish I couldve read it his weekend before I acted all prideful :) Love is fun, but it definitely puts you in your place SO often! Thanks for the reminder! Thanks for linking up too! :)


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