Getting Rid of My Pants

30 September 2013

This weekend was one of the fastest in history. Seriously on Friday I was emailing a friend about weekend plans and now it's Monday! What happened to Saturday and Sunday?!!

After doing photo work nonstop this was a weekend for me to rest. I did attend small group on Saturday and if I have not mentioned it before we are reading the Beth Moore study on Secrets. This study is mind blowing and convicting!! I won't get into details here I will save that for another post. Seriously though if you aren't in a small group you have to find one its such a wonderful experience! I also did a little grocery shopping and picked up some fruits from our food co-op. The picture above shows me heading out to do my shopping, no car just a bag, a wallet, and a metrocard.

Anyhow last week I shared my goals for the week.

  • Retouch my hubby and I's photos.
  • Pack clothes that no longer fit and take them to Goodwill.
  • Organize desk, put stuff in drawers.
  • Bake something.
  • Relax without YouTube.

I did not manage to find the time to go through the photos that I took of my husband and I. So I will shuffle that over to this weeks goals. I did pack up all my clothes that do not fit but I have not taken them to Goodwill yet. I plan on getting rid of them this week because I do not want them hanging around to much longer. These clothes are actually the ones that are too big for me since I lost weight. So getting rid of them will help me to not feel comfortable enough to gain the weight back. Besides that I like having clothes that fit me well and aren't made of stretchy material because I find it to be rather itchy.

I completed the last three things on my list. On Sunday I relaxed, washed my hair and watched a Bollywood movie and I also managed to bake something to share with you all this week. I posted the ingredients I used below. Any guesses to what I made?

My goals for this week are:

  • Retouch photos/Take Clothes to Goodwill
  • Organize Recipes to transfer from card to recipe book.
  • Complete small group homework.
  • Read more blogs.
These goals sound fairly easy right? Here's to hoping I actually get them all done.

Your Turn: What's on you to do list this week? Did your weekend go by really fast? If so what did you do?


  1. Ooo I see ginger and clove spices...probably will guess wrong but something biscuity? I love spices in baking though so I'm sure will be delicious!

    Your shoes are the cutest! They always make me giggle when I see these shoes. Are they comfy?

    Good on you for getting some of your list. Something is always better than nothing 😊
    For me;
    I have to pack my winter clothes away so closet space clear
    And go through old clothes I need to part ways with but always find a reason to keep / yet never wear.
    We have a long weekend this weekend so there is no excuse for me not having the time :)
    Hope u had a great week though fast - it's crazy how it is October tomorrow my goodness!

  2. I was just feeling the need to clean out my closet this morning - getting ready for when I'm a momma and won't have time to do any of that!!!

  3. I love the title of this post :) Good for you! I have basically my entire truck full of stuff to give away. Too many clothes I don't wear anymore!

  4. My weekend went by pretty crazy fast.
    For the first time in a few weeks, my husband some time off... and boy - holy, its monday already!?
    Dear Lord, where does the time go?

    What did you make, obviously some sort of quick bread, or cookie, right??
    I can't wait to see.

  5. I love knocking things off my to-do list, happy I found your blog :)

  6. Can't wait to see what you baked! You always make the most delicious things!


  7. Are you making gingerbread? Whatever you made would totally make your home smell warm and cozy. I can smell those fall spices.

    I think I should have left the post I wrote as I was catching up on your blog, on this post....I got many sets of photos I ordered in and now I can begin making my notecard sets, gotta catch up on some work stuff, and I'd love to paint my front door. (Already bought the paint, just gotta squeeze in time to do it.)

  8. I have zero guesses on what you made, but I'm really excited to find out what it is!

  9. Ohhh my goodness I love the Mason Jars for your flour and sugar and whatnot! Love love love that idea and I am totally stealing it! I think I see flax seeds there, but Im not sure what you are making. Love those spices though!


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