Faithful Friday: White Rainbow

20 September 2013

Eight years ago when I married the love of my life my Father was not there to give me away but my Pastor was. He had been married for 42 years at the time that my husband and I vowed to love each other forever. My Pastor and his Wife were our role models for a godly marriage and what they instilled in us through counseling and conversations was priceless. Less than two months after being married I received a call letting me know that our beloved PawPaw had died. While I was crushed and devastated about his death, at the wake I started to feel even more broken after seeing the way his wife MawMaw had pretty much withered away. She was all cried out at this point and devoid of emotion, she sat there slumped over in her seat  undoubtedly praying for God to take her too. I could never imagine the pain of living without my husband of 2 months. So I couldn't think about what that pain would feel like after 42 years of marriage. It's God's desire for us to become one in marriage so when you achieve that oneness and then your spouse dies, I imagine it's like dying yourself.

A few months later I found a scripture about widows that solidified what God was already telling me. I was to care for widows.

So I contacted MawMaw who has no granddaughters, and I just continue to be kind to her. To let her know I cared about her and loved her. She was like another grandma to me. Even though MawMaw had experienced a great loss she was still blessed. She had a son, daughter, and grandchildren who loved her immensely. She could still be loved, she could still be seen in public and be treated like a human being, unlike the widows of India.

Widows in India are never consoled after the loss of their husbands. They are thrown to the wayside and sentence to a life of suffering until they die. They are forbidden to remarry, wear colorful clothing, eat foods that are tasty, or to look beautiful (jewelry, makeup, and long hair is prohibited). They are typically shunned in public, looked at as a bad omen  basically they are believed to be useless. Widows in India are discarded and with no one to care for them they are typically poor, abused, and even sold into human trafficking. Many of these widows were already victimized by being child brides, some of them have children from their husband or as a result of rape  these children suffer alongside their mothers in poverty. In India a city called Vrindavan is known as "The City of Widows", where there about 30,000 widows living on the streets  homeless, hungry, and deprived of all their basic needs. Many of these woman survive on the streets by begging, prostituting, singing or dancing in 4-8 hour increments only to be given a bowl of rice.

[The above photo is of a child widow portrayed in the movie Water via]
There are only a few organizations that are supporting widows in India and they are in need of resources and exposure about the plight of these women. As Christians we are called by God to care for widows.
If a Christian woman has relatives who are widows, she must take care of them and not put the responsibility on the church. Then the church can care for widows who are truly alone. ~ 1Timothy 5:16 NLT
One of the organization that I support is a Christian organization called The White Rainbow Project. They are a group of people who bring the word of God and resources to these Widows in India. They provide them with their physical and spiritual needs and train them so that they can obtain jobs to care for themselves and their children.

To help you can donate and spread the word about the Widows in India, if you are interested in sponsoring a widow you can do that individually or with a group from your church or family. All information about sponsoring can be found on The White Rainbow Project site.

Check out the short video below to learn about what these women endure. If you want to learn more watch these two movies that are true depictions of the lives of widows (White Rainbow and Water) they are both available on Netflix.

I hope this cause truly touches your heart and sets you into action. My pastor's wife's time as a widow came to a happy ending when she remarried a few years ago. While I do not discount that she still grieves her first husband I do know she comforted by God, her new husband, and her children. Let's give these Widows and their children a happy ending, let us work together to help the oppressed like God has called us to do. 
Learn to do good. Seek justice. Help the oppressed. Defend the cause of orphans. Fight for the rights of widows. ~ Isaiah 1:17 NLT
This issue sits on my heart daily as I imagine these women being deprived of love. It's wrecks me to think that they are hungry, cold, and unloved - but through our mercy, compassion and kindness they can experience God's love.

Your Turn: Tell me about a cause that is near and dear to your heart. How did you find it? Feel free to link your own post about it in the comments so I can check it out.


  1. Beautiful post Charity. I never knew that about the widows of India. When my Pop died my Gram died too. She went to be with him just a year after.. no doubt in my mind her death was caused by being without her husband of 60+ years. Its always been my goal to model my marriage after theirs. They never showed any anger, never fought, never raised a voice or a hand, were quick to serve others, had 5 kids and raised them in the Lord, they were the first to stand up and help... I hope someday I can be remembered and my marriage modeled after just like I remember and model after them.

  2. This breaks my heart! I had no idea about The White Rainbow Project. Thank you for sharing this. I makes me want to fly over there and just hug all of them and their children!

  3. So sweet Charity! I love that Isaiah scripture!

  4. Great reminder! You're such a beautiful person.


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