Faithful Friday: Wear Love

06 September 2013

Last week I wrapped up my marriage goals for the month of August and I told you all that my goals foiled out to be life lessons. Especially my goal about being kinder. Honestly when I made these goals I selfishly thought that I would only be kinder, patient, and a better listener to my husband. However when your tree begins to bear fruit of the Spirit it will be evident to all the people around you. When it came to being kinder I was honestly tested more with strangers than I was with my husband. 

I will be honest and tell you many days I find it so hard to live up to my name, Charity - which is defined as love. I am flawed when it comes to loving people which makes it harder to be kind. I have road rage and get really annoyed with so many thoughtless drivers, I get irritated when people run over my heels with their shopping carts, I don't have patience and hate waiting in long lines - seriously the list could go on. After mulling this over I realized that I didn't have an ounce of love in me at all. Sure I can be loving towards others, charitable, patient on occasions, and I do typically have a sunny disposition but I am not all love. I was reading a few chapters in Corinthians and Colossians in August in effort to prepare to lead my small group and I came across so many verses on love. 

One verse in particular about wearing love above all else stood out to me. That's when it hit me - Love is a choice. Love is an action. Love is something we should choose to do each day. Essentially we should wake up each morning and immediately put on love. I know that sounds a lot easier than it really is but I have been secretly experimenting with this since the second week in August. It has not always been easy but I see that when I set my mind to be more loving for that day I have won half the battle. As always whenever you seek to accomplish a goal or to bear fruit of the Spirit tests will definitely be involved.

Last month on the 26th I was out all day running errands with no time to eat dinner since I can only eat clean I needed to go home and cook my meal. I had already been feeling poorly, my head was hurting and I was in a pretty crappy mood. I realized that before I could go home I needed to make a stop to one of my favorite stores to pick up a few items. I quickly searched for my items in the store. This was my fastest IKEA trip in history that's how poorly I was feeling. Everything that could test my patience did. When I got to the register the line was long and I was feeling dizzy by the moment. I breathed and silently prayed for a dose of patience and love, then I tweeted about having my patience tested. Haha. By the time I made it through the line I just about sprinted out of the door with my husband far behind me. I got in the car all excited for the trip back home so I could eat and then some guy flags down our SUV and asked if we had jumper cables. I wanted to scream out no because I was in a hurry and helping him was a big inconvenience but the Spirit reminded me to be kind and urged me to say yes. My husband helped the guys to jump their car while I sat in the passenger seat griping internally about how this day could not get any worst. When their car started the guys thanked my husband and I profusely and told us how so many people had passed them by or refused to help. Then I felt bad because I was almost one of those people - just a few days before I had read the story about the Good Samaritan and how he helped a man on the road that had been looked over by a Priest and a Levite. All of whom are very religious and claimed to love God. So how is it that we can love God and not our neighbor? Do we really love the God we can't see if we can't love the people that we can see? These were all questions that I began to ask myself after the conviction hit me so hard.

Right there in the IKEA parking lot 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 started to play in my head and if you have been to weddings you have probably heard it several times. Love is patient, love is kind, love is not boastful, proud, rude, love suffers long and so on. That passage doesn't say that love is convenient, easy, or self absorbed. The passage doesn't convince us that love will be unicorns and rainbows, instead the passage reminds us that love takes work, sacrifice, and is selfless. Love shines brightest in moments of sheer inconvenience, sacrifice, and selflessness - love shined brightly in that parking lot and it was none of me. As humans we are flawed and loveless. I know you probably think "I love everyone", well sure you do I think I do most times too but any ounce of love that courses through us comes from God because He is love. Without God we are not capable of doing anything at all - we can't even love. We can only truly love when we stay close to the source of love, and that source is God.

When we show love to others we loose the ability to be in control, we surrender to the needs of others, and we become vulnerable. Over the past few weeks as I have studied more about wearing love I have discovered there are a few things we can do to make loving easier. To love.....

I will be the first to admit that I find some of these things very challenging.  Especially when it comes to loving others as Christ did - but if Jesus could wash the feet of the person that betrayed Him and lead Him to death surely I can love the person that cuts me off in traffic, surely I can love the stranger with a dead battery, surely I can love on a lost child. If we abide in the source of love and wear love - we can love anyone.

How do you feel about wearing love? What do you find hardest about loving others? Are you conscious about putting on love each morning? I would love to hear from you. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I think I need to try harder at wearing my love. My work leaves me drained and jaded and I often find the worst in people after a day of work. Today as I head in I'm going to take this to heart. I really am going to wear love all day and work and it.

  2. Don't be too hard on yourself for not being perfect about wearing love 100% of the time. I think it must be especially hard living in NY. I know when I lived in Miami, it was extreeeemely difficult but once moving to CA and TX, it's so much easier to do.

    What a great reminder just put on and wear love every single day. I try to be conscious about putting on a smile so my husband can see I'm in a good mood each morning. It really does set the tone for the whole day if we both know the other is in good spirits. However, I'm going to imagine myself literally putting on love as I get dressed and brush my teeth from now on! I love that visual!

  3. i too find myself being challenged on a daily. its always easier to love the ones we love but loving others who might be more challenging is the challenge but its the will of GOD when we can take OUR emotions out of it and put GOD first then the renewed mind takes over. when we are thinking less of ourselves or whats comfortable for us we can see clearly to do HIS will even in those challenging times throughout life. I do find that we (Christ followers) are more in the spotlight when we confess our love for Christ. more challenges rise up against us more than it did when we was just in the world. I am CONSTANTLY challenged daily...EVERY SINGLE DAY AND MOMENT. that's how it is when we walk this narrow path for Christ Jesus....honestly, I find myself more stronger when I can just let go and let God have ALL THE GLORY!
    Have a Happy Friday mz Charity! *smile*
    mz E

  4. the hardest thing I've found while trying to 'wear love' is to be more accepting. I know that everyone is human, and make mistakes and do things that I wouldn't necessarily want them to, for example I may bring up that my boyfriend and I spend less time together and we'd end up arguing, rather than just savoring the time we spend together.. or I'd snap at my mother. I really love your faithful friday posts!

  5. charity can be difficult! it is the PURE love of christ and that isn't always easy! loving others can be a little daunting for me sometimes, especially when i am unsure how it will be received, but it is always so worth it!

  6. love this... Charity! It's been a while since I say Hi to you. Hope you are OK and I see you are! Here I'm reading your posts! Thanks always for sharing and blessing my life with every post.

    xoxo, Tayrina from Blessings Craft Studio :)

  7. All I see is you saying "The Lord is testing me" over and over again lol


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