Faithful Friday: Gentle and Quiet

27 September 2013

I've mulled over what it means to have a gentle and quiet spirit many times. I come from a line of woman who were anything but gentle or quiet. I am not putting them down because that is what their circumstances in the world told them they needed to be. These women carried my family line alone so I have great respect for them and whatever they needed to do to survive.

While watching them growing up I decided that I too would be that way - stronger and louder making sure my voice was heard and my presence felt. After all I knew no other way. Being strong and loud was definitely a hard role to fill and I have always felt out of place. Looking back I can see there was absolutely no beauty in those aspects of my character. Yes being loud and strong got many jobs done, and kept people that would have prey on my kindness at bay. But again there was absolutely no beauty there, and definitely no reflection of God.

As I grew closer to God and embarked on my journey to being a godly wife I have seen this scripture in 1 Peter 3 more times than I can count. I always thought what does it truly mean have a gentle and quiet spirit? I am way too loud and too mean to fall into that category and I am too set in my ways to change.

Later I realized that quiet was not only meant in the literal sense but also as in a new awareness. When our mouths are closed our ears can hear better and our eyes can see more. Spiritual quietness brings on more awareness and in that awareness wisdom emerges. It's awfully hard to have a revelation from God in the midst of chatter whether it's from you talking or from your environment. 

The scripture also says that we should not be overly concerned with our outward appearance. It doesn't mean that we cannot seek to look our best, but I believe the message behind a quiet spirit also means being quiet in the way we dress. Even the way that we cloth ourselves should reflect Christ. We should not be flashy, or overly consumed with clothing, jewels, and labels. Above all in clothing ourselves we should not be revealing our bodies which are God's temples. Honestly how we look on the outside is worth nothing if we are completely broken on the inside, so that should never be our top priority.

I now know that quiet Spirit is one that reflects the beauty of God both inwardly and outwardly. A quiet spirit is one that has self control. A gentle and quiet spirit is the beauty that God wants us to be concerned with, it's the beauty that he wants us to find attractive, it's also the only beauty that last forever. 

I did not originally have the spirit of gentleness or quietness but as those are fruits of the spirit the closer I am to God the more I can bear his fruit. In turn I have realized that having a quiet spirit doesn't mean women can never speak up but it means that when we do our words should be wise and carefully chosen. Being a woman with a gentle spirit does not mean we can never be strong but it means that in our strength we are good natured, kind, and considerate.

In the quietness and gentleness of our spirit our actions are on display to the people around us. This inner spirit of godliness will be the thing in us that attracts others to Christ.

I am joining Susannah, for this linkup.

Your Turn: What does a gentle and quiet spirit mean to you? Do you feel that gentleness and quietness is a part of your character?

Today I am linking up with the ladies over at the The Quiet Place blog for the share your story linkup. This is a monthly link up where we share about what God has done, is doing or how He came into our lives. We would be delighted if your would share your story either old or new and link it up too.

You can read more of my story here.

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  1. I loved your line about how a quiet spirit brings more opportunity for awareness. I have really seen that to be true in my life.

  2. I think if I ever associated the word quite with myself people would laugh...

  3. Nice scripture! This one is hard for me as well! I think when I do have a gentle and quiet spirit is when I'm sleeping! Ha! Well, jokes aside, I think my gentleness and quietness comes out when showing love and compassion for others. I am a total confidant/counselor to my friends and family & I think it's because God gives me this gentle & quiet attitude and I'm able to listen and comfort them. But as soon as they smile and feel better- it's back to jokes and giggles!

  4. "When our mouths are closed our ears can hear better and our eyes can see more..."

    I absolutely love this! Its so true. I also had big shoes to fill - my mother and grandmother were strong, independent women. My gram definitely taught me the art of quiet strength and dignity. There are times I am lead astray from that quiet dignity- whether its bitterness or vindictiveness that I am feeling- I always try to remember my grams strong quiet dignity and move forward from wherever I am.

  5. This is beautiful, Charity! Thanks so much for sharing how God made you more in line with who He desires you to be. :-)

  6. girl - I love this verse. We studied 1 Peter in my bible study a few semesters ago and it spoke to me. Thank you for this reminder again - I needed to hear it! Speaking truth in love :)

  7. My sister, this post is everything! Love your transparency.

  8. I definitely feel like in the presence of those I don't know I have a quiet and gentle spirit. I always felt like that was a bad thing and people labeled me as shy--but I feel like being quiet really gives me the opportunity to learn about who people are, and they are usually comfortable enough to be themselves around me.

  9. Charity,

    I am so pleased to meet you! I joined this link-up as well and I just love how the Holy Spirit spoke to us in different ways as we wrote our responses.

    You have captured things that have really made me think! Like clothing ourselves quietly. I never thought of that before. Also having a quiet spirit of self-control. Wow!

    I appreciate your reflection.

    Wishing you a blessed weekend.

  10. Hii!! Wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the sunshine award! The rules say to let each nominee know so they can participate! I promise this isn't spam lol. Here's the link:

  11. I always love it when bloggers share their own life experiences. It's inspiring. Thank you for this thought provoking post!

  12. Love your blog! The design, everything! Super cute
    xx Tia

  13. Oh, I need this. <------- stand convicted. I'm bad to feel overlooked and perhaps speak too much in response. And even worse about letting the life "chatter" keep me too busy to hear God. He always uses a whisper and I tend to drown Him out. Something to think about this week for sure- thank you for sharing!


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