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26 September 2013

A few of my bloggy pals asked me to share what was on my iPhone, I know this is a truly random post but if you are curious like me you might enjoy this. I always like seeing what's on other people's phones - I like to know what apps they find useful, how many pictures they've taken and which games they find fun. Just looking at the homepage of my iPhone I am sure it's evident that I am a minimalist. Of course you can have like 1000+ pages of apps on the iPhone but I hate having to do all that scrolling. So I only have one and if it does not fit on the first page it does not belong on my phone. In recent changes to the iPhone they added the Facetime app, I find that it's totally useless and threw off my organized 4 column by 4 row home screen. I've also organized my apps by color to the best of my ability (there's a little of my OCD shining through, hmph!).

So here are some generic Q&As to what's on my iPhone.

What's your wallpaper? A simple drawing of a Mason Jar with flowers created by Bonnie from the Going Home to Roost Blog. Again I like something that's really simple, before this one I used the monthly calendars that were made by Bonnie. She releases a new one each month when the one for October is ready you can find it here.

What apps do you have organized on your home page? On my home page I have my calendar, clock, camera, settings, photos, newsstand, INSTAGRAM, passbook, and eight sub-folders. You can see more of that below.

What's on your bottom bar? I have my phone, messages, mail, and safari icon's. These are the ones that I most frequently use so they need to be easily accessible.

What are your most used apps? My most used apps are Instagram, the apps in the Ordering, Wellness, and Social sub folders.

What apps do you have listed on second page of your phone? None. I'm a one page woman.

What apps do you most recommend? If you are a photo lover like me INSTAGRAM, I also recommend the Bloglovin app when it's working right, the VSCO cam app for in phone editing, Twitter, Rhonna Designs App, the Youversion Bible app, the Lose it app, the Pink Pad App, and the Chipotle App. Hey don't give me the side eye about the Chipotle one, seriously it's really great to order your food through the app and then pick it up without waiting in line. Take that!

Where can we find you? I can be found on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Words with Friends when I have time.

Like I said I know this was totally random but I hope you enjoyed seeing what's on my phone as much as I enjoyed sharing it. Feel free to do the post yourself I would really like to see what's on your phone too.

Your Turn: What kind of cellphone do you use? What are your top three apps?


  1. Oooh...I think I may "borrow" this post idea today, ha ha. I'm a one page woman too! I like to have everything organized where I can see it!

    LOVE your background. Mason jars are the cutest!

  2. Cute wallpaper!! I love the Ball Mason Jars! When the new blue reproductions came out, I ordered 4 boxes of them! So, my phone- I went from an iphone to a Galaxy s3. More things you can do, but also a little bit more rope to hang yourself with as far as getting into folders where you can delete stuff, but then it's a huge part of making your phone work right! haha! My top apps are Instagram, Pandora, and Netflix.

  3. I love the wallpaper!! AND...the apps! I love Instagram as well. I love Twitter, Day One, YouVerison, In Touch, MyFitnessPal, and the Radio app for my gospel music. I may go ahead and do a post too. Oh yea...are you subscribed to my personal blog??

  4. love your organization and phone background - so cute!!

  5. This is fascinating. It's interesting to see how everyone organizes their phones. Now me, though, I just don't have a smart phone... Yeah, it's dumb. ;-)

  6. Awesome post. How funny that we do all find it so interesting though. Suppose it's something that we all have a cool to see how we do something different though the same.

    Have a lot of similar apps and def a one page 4 x 4 row gal too haha. Though I have a page to for low used apps and kids games for my nieces and nephews who will always ask politely if they can play my phone.

  7. I totally feel like we use all of the same apps!
    Oh and I LOVE your blog by the way!
    New follower :)


  8. Girl, stick that Facetime app in a folder and forget it! ;) I know what you mean: it kinda messed with my organized flow, too. Also? I have WAY too many apps anyway. I just can't part with some of them! Sigh.

  9. Girl, stick that Facetime app in a folder and forget it! ;) I know what you mean: it kinda messed with my organized flow, too. Also? I have WAY too many apps anyway. I just can't part with some of them! Sigh.

  10. This is so fun! I love that you have the Chipotle app--sounds perfect! I definitely use FB instagram and email the most, in that order--pinterest and bloglovin are close seconds. :)

  11. Love your wall paper too!

    I just added you to instagram too :)

  12. I love this post!!! I agree with the one page of apps! I love how on the new iOS 7 you can have multiple pages in your folders too. My most used apps are probably iMessage, Instagram, and Evernote. I totally jumped on the Apple band wagon and I am loving every minute of it- Apple got me hook, line, and sinker.

  13. You know I love the first image...not just because of the mason jar (which I do love, BTW), but because that's my birthdate on it. LOL Don't have an iPhone; loving my Samsung s3 Android, but I've got to get better at knowing how to better arrange my apps. I like the categories of apps you show.


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