Absolutely No Bread.

19 September 2013

Counting the days until I can say Happy Fall Y'all! Although the weather has been in the 50's Fall does not officially start until the 22 of this month. So we Fall lovers have 3 more days to go.

Loving that I have talked to my brother on the phone for the past three days. I miss the fun we had together when we were kids. We used to be so close, my heart always skips a beat when I see Big Bro on my caller ID. I love him!!

Planning my next DIY project. So excited to share it with you all.

Studying how to love like Jesus loves. Learning is easy applying what I have learned is the challenge.

Hoping for Christmas vacation to come soon because I really miss my family.

Wanting to have some bread. I am almost done with clean eating but these last few days are tough. I am craving pasta, garlic bread, and toast like nobodies business - but I can't have bread. At least not yet.

Shopping for jeans, I never find jeans that fit but now I have. Excited to be reaping the rewards of clean eating.

Learning that what we do while we are waiting counts. Thanks for the wonderful reminder Kalyn.

Writing all my recipes down in my new recipe journal hoping to finally get my foods organized. Thinking I should take small pictures of each dish and print them for the journal. Thoughts?

Expecting life to get back to normal and for the busyness of this season to fade away - I am feeling slightly worn like I am in need of a sabbatical.

Praying for a deeper relationship with God.

Preparing to start a small group. I am nervous yet excited all at the same time.

Desiring more time with the people I love.

Drinking peppermint tea without sugar. It could be so much better if it were sweet.

Wearing my wonderful 100% cotton robe from IKEA. Don't give me the side eye this robe is wonderful and plush, definitely spa and hotel quality.

Your Turn: What are you currently up to? Any awesome plans for today?


  1. Hello! I'm one of your newest readers :)

    Loved this list of what's going on in your world!
    I can relate to a few of those items on your list!

    Enjoy the upcoming weekend!

  2. Love this post! I love having an inside view of what you're working on. I'm working on starting a prayer journal. I want one and need one so I can focus on my prayer life, but also to keep my mind sane. I'm hating my job so to keep me focused, time will move on and it will be over.

  3. Love this!! I love the idea of the pictures for your recipes!

    I currently am trying to get through a day of work laughing, smiling, and loving despite the stress. Hope you have a wonderful wonderful day Charity!

  4. Love that it's been in the 50s for yall! It's still high 80s here, so Fall seems so far away!


  5. Oh my goodness this all sounds great! Except the no bread eating part. Oh man. You are strong haha! :) Also, peppermint tea sounds amazing for this time of year. I'm so excited for fall, I just wish the weather would break down here in Florida already. Also--starting a small group sounds amazing. Good luck girlie!

  6. Woop! 3 Days!! I hope things slow down for you soon, but I think once you can have bread again, maybe things will be a little bit brighter! I commend you, there is no way I could give up bread, nope! Oh yes! Pictures would be great! Then, if you want to share a recipe, BAM- already have a picture to post without having to do the whole recipe all over! And a robe sounds like the perfect thing to wear while re-charging your batteries! I MUST GET TO IKEA!!!

  7. I never find jeans that fit me perfectly. :( If my hips fit, the waist is way to big...

    1. Oops... I pressed 'publish' too early :D

      Tomorrow I'm going to a teen ministry seminar weekend. I'm really excited about it. That's my 'awesome plan'. Loved your post!

  8. Just excited that you're meeting some of your goals by eating clean! And yes please. Take pictures for your food journal. :-)

  9. I just had to come back and say that that post on waiting was totally written for me. Yep. :-)

  10. Love that you have been talking to your brother all day! Hope you get to be with your family for Christmas! I just got done with work, 2 work outs, cleaning, cooking and now sitting on the couch reading your blog! Haha, not very exciting times over here ;)

  11. Oh you are so brave with the clean eating. Are there things you think you will take with you when you stop?

    Just work here for me...though it is Friday so looking forward to the weekend! Though I have to host a Tupperware party on Saturday which I'm NOT so looking forward to but you do what you gotta do!

    Have a fab weekend x

  12. I have no idea why but I love "currently" posts. I am so proud of you in regard to this clean eating journey! YAY! Good luck with the small group! How exciting! :)

  13. Ohhh I love my robe! I need a new one because mine is worn out--I just love my "robe time."


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