A Dripping Faucet

24 September 2013

Today marks another month completed of marriage goals. I am somewhat pleased with the progress, besides a few slips up here and with nagging or being short in patience. Overall I feel as though just making an effort in having more self control has made me a better wife and friend to my husband.

In August I set goals to listen, to be more patient, and to be kinder. My goal for this month was to serve my husband in every way I could think of. This week was another busy week and likely the last for a while as I think the changes of season will help things settle down photography wise. However in my busyness I made more of an effort to extend myself to my husband. I tried to help him at home however I could - I cooked, cleaned, and ran errands for him when I was in town to do it.

My biggest feat by far in serving him was making sure to serve him with peace more than anything else. Nagging is so easy to do but after last week I found a scripture to mediate on so that I could do better for this week.

 A nagging wife is as annoying as the constant dripping on a rainy day. Proverbs 27:15 NLT

I really don't want to be compared to a dripping faucet, or a rainy day. I want to be sunshine in my husband's life. Some days I was very much annoyed when he came home, mostly with things that had nothing to do with him. Thankfully by the grace of God I was given the self control to resist ranting about what went wrong in my day or to complain about things I felt he had done wrong. My husband usually does ask how my day was and when he does I just blab out everything good or bad. When he asked how my days had gone this week I told him it was good if it was and if it wasn't I said it was okay and left it at that. Sure he asked but reliving all the problems would have done absolutely nothing for either of us. My husband is a closet worrier, he's admitted before that he worries about me when I'm stressed out. So I decided to help him have a peace of mind by omitting the details of a bad day. There was absolutely nothing he could do about it so no sense in having him worry.

From these goals I have learned so much about my husband and a lot about myself. In serving him for this month I have learned that he diligently seeks to make my life easier. Even the times that I have sacrificed to serve him he's come back to do things for me that I did not expect. When I spent the day with him at his work picnic he came home and cleaned the house so that I could relax. When he didn't come through last week for brunch he brought me some small gifts and took me out for dinner. I am happy for his displays of gratitude and affection. I now see that there is great reward in serving others and I don't mean the gifts, but the feeling of joy that comes when you put others first. While I was on this journey to serving my husband I feel that I have grown closer to God. Seriously there is just something godly about sacrificing your needs and wants for others - when we die to ourselves we can live for God and do what He wills us to.

This journey of service, patience, listening, and kindness is far from over. I have been journaling my feelings to God about this change since August and I honestly can't wait to look back and see how far He's brought me and my marriage from.

Your Turn: Did you set any goals for this month, are you working on being better in someway? Tell me all about it below.

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  1. Your blog is so cute and well designed! I found your blog via the "The Petites" blog hop. I'm now following!


  2. Such a great journey to follow! You are such an inspiration!

  3. Haha, what a funny but true verse! I don't want to be a drippy faucet either. I definitely nag way too much, and need a constant reminder to be patient. Thanks for this! I think it's so great you were able to see changes in both yourself and your relationship through this experience :)

  4. I always love your willingness to share!!! It makes me curious if your husband reads too! So glad that we both have such men of God, who put up with us, haha!!! That verse is EXTREMELY convicting, so I appreciate you sharing!! I hope I ingrain the image of a dripping faucet in my head as a reminder!

  5. I love that Proverbs! And I love that you said you want to be sunshine in your husband's life. That is something I always think about, I want my husband's life to be more enjoyable and easier because he is married to me. Love your goals <3

  6. Such a wonderful post! I am so thankful for your wisdom!

  7. I don't want to be a dripping faucet either! Thank you for putting it like that, now I can slow myself down and think, nope- no drips here today missy! :)


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