A Bathroom Makeover Story

16 September 2013

We have been in our tiny apartment for over a year now. Originally we were not sure how permanent it would be so we just brought some of our things from Florida and somewhat settled in. This year I feel as though God has been speaking to me to enjoy the things that he has given us no matter how big or small. Our apartment falls into the "small" category. My husband and I decided we would be staying in the city for another year and that's when it hit me. A year is a long time to continue living as if we would be moving out tomorrow  and I am over it. 

I want to make this apartment feel like a home and decided to start making over the spaces we used the most, that's the whole apartment. I narrowed that down a bit and came to the conclusion that our one tiny bathroom needed some love.

This bathroom is by far the tiniest I have ever had. It's so tiny that it took three or more panoramic photos to capture the whole thing. Seriously, the half bath at our home in Florida is larger than this, and the bathroom in our first apartment was larger than this. I guess that's the trade off of living in the city, smaller everything. The biggest issue in our bathroom is lack of storage, we have no where to put most of our toiletries so they spilled over into our bedroom. With that in mind I headed to IKEA to search for a solution to our storage problem. In the beginning I had my mind set on this cabinet for over the toilet but I later realized that it was not deep enough to be functional. My husband and I finally found a two piece cabinet that we thought worked perfectly and the bonus was that the bottom cabinet had mirrors. That was a definite way to make the bathroom seem larger than what it is.

Once we got the storage taken care of I started to visit some of my favorite home decorating stores to look for a new shower curtain. I wanted something with a little design that was fun yet still neutral. Unfortunately I had no luck at my favorite store HomeGoods – almost a week later I found a nice Cynthia Rowley curtain at Marshalls. I continued to look for waste baskets and did not find any cute ones, my husband mentioned that I should just use the one we already had. Leave it to Mr.Fixit to come up with the bright ideas, so we headed to Home Depot to pick up primer and a little spray paint to update the garbage can and q-tip holder.

Even though I know paint on the walls would have made this makeover sweeter we decided against it. It's just too much to paint the walls and then have to repaint them white when we leave. So for now we've decided that white walls are okay. Another issue we ran into was having a place to hang our washcloths. We only have one towel bar and we surely don't want our washcloths on display when our guest come over and use the bathroom. So far whenever we invite people over I scramble to remove our cloths from the bathroom and hang them over the radiator in our bedroom. Did I mention I was over that too? We found a nice handy towel bar and toiletry holder that didn't have to be drilled in – it's suction cupped to the shower walls. Part of me wonders why we didn't think of it sooner. We also got towel hooks for the bathroom door since the over the door hanger was not allowing the door to close.

After Mr.Fixit took care of the storage issue by putting up the towel bar and cabinet it was my turn to assemble the decor and to reorganize the storage shelves. I still have not found the type of wall decor that I wanted but the bathroom still looks tons better than when we started. So far I am happy with the outcome.

Things We Added:
  • Shower Curtain  Cynthia Rowley Emma Medallion from Marshalls
  • Curtain Hooks –  Maytex Metal Rings from Bed Bath and Beyond
  • Upper Cabinet  Lillangen One Door from IKEA
  • Lower Cabinet Lillangen Two Door from IKEA
  • Bamboo Boxes   Dragan from Ikea
  • Towel Rack  Stugvik from IKEA
  • Toiletry Basket Stugvik from IKEA
  • Towel Hooks Blecka from IKEA
  • Bathmat Toftbo from IKEA
  • Soap Dispenser Savern from IKEA Can you tell we love IKEA?
  • Trash Can & QTip Holder – very old from Walmart

Your turn: Which room in your home do you most want to make over? Which store is your favorite for home decor?
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  1. What a great job! Well done - your one very clever lady!
    I LOVE those little bamboo boxes from ikea - been eyeing them off for a while...I might just have to get them :)

  2. So cute! I am in love with gray, and the yellow just makes it look clean and fresh! I too have painted a lot of existing things gray! I think I'd need to makeover my living room. I'm working on it, but ya know, living rooms are so big to makeover at once! And my favorite store would have to be Ross or Marshall's, such neat things and for a lower cost lets me get more for my buck!

  3. I absolutely love the gray with yellow! So pretty!

  4. It looks wonderful, Charity! You guys did such a great job! :-)

  5. Love the color scheme. Oh have I mentioned how cute you are?? Your mirror picture is cute:p

  6. Omg Cynthia Rowley... my best friend and I see her EVERYWHERE in Marshalls. She makes literally everything. I refuse to buy her things only because she runs Marshalls/Ross/TJ Maxx, she has enough money lol. Love the bathroom though, it's simple.


  7. Look at you!!! Thanks for sharing, it looks great! I know nothing about decorating, so please feel free to come over and decorate my place any time ;)

  8. I love the way your bathroom looks now, you did a great DIY job!
    I think for me it'd be my whole apartment - as I live in a bedsit so it's all one room ;) It could definitely do with a makeover!

    Kate | Diaries of an Essex Girl

  9. I am in a very similar situation with the place we're in now- I keep thinking we're about to move out, but we still haven't! I'm finally doing a few more things to make it feel more like home. I just haven't wanted to put a lot of time, effort, money into a temporary spot. (I actually blogged about an art project I am finally doing for our place today). I think your bathroom looks great! And we love Ikea. Sometimes we just go there for the Swedish meatballs and to get inspired!

  10. Looks great! I recently lost motivation to decorate our place. We've lived here a year now...it's just a lot of work!

  11. I love your bathroom makeover! It doesn't matter how big or small, it always brings a smile to one's face when a makeover is finished. Gorgeous!

    There is so much to makeover here, but my bedroom is a big priority. Did you see how bare it was? But my bathroom really needs a makeover. I would be content with the current look but I need a tub and if I'm going through all that trouble, I may as well see how I can spruce up the whole space on a budget of course. :-)

  12. Beautiful! Great job, friend! :)

  13. God's really been working on me to enjoy what I have already, as well. But given the opportunity, I'd say my bathroom would be the first room due for a makeover- and Ikea is definitely the place to go!

  14. I love anything with a yellow/grey combo. It feels very fresh. Nice job. :)

  15. I love it! Personally, I love white walls in a bathroom. I think it looks so fresh and new. My favorite colours to play with are grays and purples. :)

  16. That bathroom looks huge to me :) I am used to the tiniest bathroom EVER! My house was built in the 20s so the bathroom is really just a small hallway connecting two rooms with a tiny sink, toilet, and shower thrown in the corner. You can sit on the toilet and wash your hands in the sink directly in front of it at the same time :). But it works and that's all that matters! I love the colors you picked! It looks great.


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