Weekend Madness

26 August 2013

Yesterday was completely filled with madness. My blog was not working, my email was not working, my beloved Instagram was not working, the hot water in our apartment was not working and all together I just wanted to scream "Oy Vey!". Then a delightful soul on my twitter said that means it's time to meditate and watch the blades of grass. And so I did...well I took time to meditate but I didn't watch the blades of grass. God was really using this stuff to draw me in and give me rest, which I desperately needed.

I want to say my weekend was more exciting than it really was but it wasn't. I spent the weekend washing fruits and veggies, organizing the fridge, preparing my meals for the last few weeks of clean eating, and making tooth soap. Yes I make my own tooth paste and a whole lot of other things. I'm as crunchy as I can be while living in the concrete jungle (Tooth soap recipe will be on it's way soon for those who are interested). 

I also spent a fair amount of my time baking foods that I could not eat. I am currently working on perfecting a peanut butter cookie recipe and I made Jamaican candies for my husband. He loved the cookies and candies but I know the cookies aren't what I was after. I am working on getting them to be softer and more chewy but still vegan. The Jamaican candies called "drops" are accidentally vegan made with coconut, brown sugar and ginger. It's an intoxicating combination very tasty but too sweet for me.

I also mailed off another batch of cookies to an unsuspecting friend. Clean eating has totally been the pits this time around but I know I will be glad that I abstained in the coming weeks.

Other than that I relaxed on the couch, dreamed of baking and eating fall pies and browsed the 2014 Ikea catalog all while pondering whether I needed an iPad or just wanted one.

So how did you spend your weekend? Do any of you lovelies own iPads? If you don't own one but want one tell me why. Oh and if you aren't following me on Instragram you should be a posted the cutest video this week and you should totally check it out.

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  1. Isn't it amazing how sometimes God has to shut everything off to get your attention? ;) I don't have an iPad, yet. I definitely want one. The hubs and I were talking about getting one to share for Christmas. I wanted to get one for him for his birthday but yikes! The price! I'm an Apple devotee, but I considered alternatives. Ultimately I discussed it with the hubs and we're going to wait until we can get the iPad rather than risk the regret!

  2. I love when things unexpectedly drift my focus away from what I thought was important. Do you have a recipe for the Jamaican candies? I'm always looking for new things to try and being married to a Jamaican, it never hurts to try new vegan recipes.


  3. Sounds like you had a productive weekend! :) I'm looking forward to reading your new recipes!

  4. That's no good at all that everything was out at the same time but I'm sure it was quite a blessing to be able to have uninterrupted time to meditate on the Lord! Sounds like the rest of your weekend was really enjoyable! :-)

  5. Girl, you are amazing! You are a super wife. :) I want to be like you one day! I am serious... anyways... I think it's amazing that you make your own toothpaste, I am excited to see the recipe. Also, I have been mulling over the idea of getting either an ipad or like a kindle fire. Some sort of ereader...but I go back and forth on it a lot.

  6. sounds like you were SUPER productive, good for you! i have one of the really old school ipads, like one of the very first ones. but it still works and i love it! i use it for everything!


  7. Why do all of your posts make me hungry?! ;-)

  8. Even though you didn't do the things you had initially planned, your weekend sounded fantastic to me. You did so much indoors! Treats for the hubby and the unsuspecting friend. Marvelous! Indoors days like that are most relaxing (for me).

    As for the iPad. I don't own one. I couldn't find a real reason for it after I finally got my Macbook Pro in January. I will say that I finally have realized I do want a tablet and I've just recently purchased a Nexus 7 from a friend whose wife never wanted that anyways. lol It should be here next week. With technology, the thing is this...I love gadgets but they have to be justified. I think if you're an Apple fanatic, then an iPad seems to be the thing to get because it syncs with all of your other Apple products. Even though I love my MB Pro, I use an Galaxy S3 phone and I need a tablet that works well with that so that's why I opted for the Android tablet. I'm a Google fan. Plus with the tablet (for me), it will make it easier to do virtual displays at craft shows and to finally accept credit/debit cards.

    p.s. What do you use to clean your fruits?


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