Today is ....

01 August 2013

One of those days where I know I am blessed.

One of those days that I am overwhelmed.

One of those days where my mind craves peace.

One of those days that the enemy has attacked.

One of those days where once again I have overcome.

One of those days that I know my breakthrough is near.

One of those days that my heart desires comfort.

One of those days when my soul needs a reminder.

One of those days that my spirit needs renewal.

One of those days that I crave nothing more than sitting at God's feet.

One of those days where I am okay with totally being useless to the world, but so valuable to God.

One of those days where I have listened to the same song all day as reminder of God's faithfulness.

Today is just one of those days....

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  1. It'll be better tomorrow girl! We've all been there. Remember that bad days make you cherish the good days even more! I'll put you in my prayers tonight!

  2. I love this. I'm right there with ya girl. and heck every day is practically like that for me. praying for you. love kari jobe.

  3. Girl...I hear ya. It has been one of those weeks for me! :)

  4. Absolutely love this post, it is helping me to focus on what matters. On many days I feel useless to the world too, but I know that it's just me being judgemental.

    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! New subscriber :)

  5. Yes, more of Him!!!! <3 Kari Jobe! Thanks for sharing

  6. What a beautiful post!

    Plus I really like your blog's design! It is really well done.



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