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29 August 2013

Hey Lovelies today I have our lovely blog sponsor Rebekah sharing her heart with us today. Rebekah is a sweet lady with a heart for God. She resides in Texas, loves coffee and blogs over at Creatively Beloved. I hope you will leave her a sweet comment here and visit her blog. Today she will be sharing what she has learned on her blogging journey so far.

Hey Ya’ll! I’m Rebekah and a newbie to this wonderful world of blogging. I am having a blast learning about so many different topics and meeting such sweet ladies. It has claimed a special place in my heart, but I’m quickly realizing how it can be harmful as well.

When I first started blogging my goal was to have fun and hopefully share the love of Jesus. Now, I still want those things with my whole heart, but sometimes I find myself in a battle against other desires for my blog. I want to share these desires with you today, because I believe they are something all bloggers have or will struggle with as well.

1. Beauty
I love fashion and I always wanted to have a fashion blog, but I just don’t have the time to get all dolled up every day so I can take pictures and upload them. Hence, the choice of a lifestyle blog. With this passion of mine I follow a lot of fashion blogs, and I end up comparing myself to them. I look in the mirror and start wishing that my nose looked like this person’s or my hips were smaller like this person’s etc. I will sit there for hours just tearing apart my body in my mind to the point that I feel like I am not “pretty” enough to be a blogger. In that moment, I long for beauty in my photos more than I long for Jesus.
Then I am reminded that I am wonderfully made and God doesn't make “ugly” things. Everyone is uniquely beautiful in their own way. Don’t ever run from who You are!

2. Riches
Who doesn't want their blog to become their main source of income? Ha, wouldn't that be awesome if we could all quit our day jobs to pursue this wonderful blogging world full time? That would be nice, but realistically it’s not for everyone.
I always secretly hope that my blog will somehow make me the big bucks. Sometimes it gets out of hand though. Sometimes I sit at the computer for hours readjusting my blog design or tweaking my writing and all for the sole purpose of having a monetary blog. In that moment, all I want for my blog is to make me rich. Is it wrong to want to make money off my blog? Of course not! But it is wrong when it becomes my only obsessive goal, because it takes my eyes of Jesus and puts them on things that are only temporary.

3. Power
I recently learned that I was number twenty-one on Bloglovin’s up and coming blog list. I was so excited. I felt like I was finally making my mark in this blog world and that people were finally hearing what I had to say. Then, today, my blog went down a few spots and I was devastated. Why wasn't I good enough anymore? Why don’t people like me more than the number one blog? In that moment, all I wanted to do was write about what was popular so I could gain more followers. More followers means more power, right? Here I am, wrong again. Power in the blog world is all about followers and likes. The more followers you have the “bigger” your blog is and the greater power you have. Here’s the thing with obsessing over power, it goes to your head eventually if it is your main goal for your blog. Nothing’s wrong with having a large blog, but it shouldn't be your main goal.

So this is my darkest desires for my blog and sometimes even life. I don’t want these to be the reasons why I blog. I want my reasons for blogging to always honor and point to God. I hope you’ll stop by my blog, Creatively Beloved, and read about my life and my passion for Jesus.

Check out Rebekah's Blog


  1. Hi Rebekah, thanks for the advice! I'm a brand new blogger so this post is very timely for me. x

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