Faithful Friday: Contentment

02 August 2013

Contentment.  What does that word truly mean?  How do I find it in everyday life?  Is it something that is truly attainable?  Those are questions I ask myself often.

Hi lovely Word of a Nerd readers!  I'm Susannah from Simple Moments Stick and I'm so excited to be guest posting today.  I'd love for you to come over and visit Simple Moments Stick where I blog about anything and everything - from marriage to outfits and  from Bible studies to reality TV.  I adore making friends through the blog-o-sphere!

Recently, being content has been on my heart.

You see, Nate and I have been married for just over two years.  When we got married, we had discussed that at around two years we'd start trying to have a baby.  Nate would be nearly done with his two year seminary degree.  We'd be looking for a pastoring job at a church and be getting ready to move where ever that church was.  We'd be buying a house in the city we move to (or Portland if Nate found a job here)

Where are we in reality now that two years is here?  Well, Nate still has over a year left in his degree because he's had to take it slower than we originally thought.  Both of us are working in jobs that aren't making us feel fulfilled.  We're not trying to get pregnant yet because we can't afford for me to quit my job in nine months with Nate still being in school and I REALLY want to be able to be a stay at home mom.  We still live in a little apartment and aren't anywhere close to being able to househunt.

My life is not where I thought it would be.  Sometimes it's hard to be content with the stage of life I'm in.  I want to be in a house. I want to be ministering alongside my husband in a church where he's pastoring.  I want to be pregnant.

It hit me recently that all I've been feeling is what I want.  I haven't been remembering that this is what God wants for us right now.  God's the one who has changed our plans to be His plans.  I've begun to think about this season of life through His eyes.

I may not be working in a job I adore but I have the opportunity to share life with the women in my office. Nate may not be pastoring yet but we have the opportunity to be taking part in a variety of ministries in the church we attend.  We may not be trying to get pregnant but that just gives me an opportunity to focus all my attention on Nate.  Soon enough we'll have kids and our focus won't be able to solely be on one another.

I'd love to encourage each and every one of you in whatever season you're in.  There's a reason for it! Allow yourself to see the good in life.  What benefits do you have that you wouldn't have if your life were exactly what you're hoping for?

God knows what he's doing in your life.  He loves you and wants to guide your life for His glory!

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  1. This is where I am. Learning how to be thankful for all things and to allow God to lead me on the path for me. I'm learning that I have to learn this so that I can be truly happy for others when they receive what I'm waiting for in my heart. Thank you for sharing your own contentment life story. :-)

  2. I have to say, here is where I am too. In this season. I've been married a year and 3 months and all that I had in my mind, it was my plan when i got married, I have not seen any of my plan in this time. God knows our wants, needs and desires but when we accept His perfect Will in our lives, things change not our way, but His way. When I got married, my husband and I wanted to have a baby. And after several times I got pregnant, but then I lost it. It was a harsh reality, but the Word of God says that all things work together for good if you love him. Now I can look back on this event in our lives, and I have to say God knows my desire, but it's in His perfect time. God bless. I loved your post and feel so identified with it. Worship him regardless of the circumstances is my joy, my delight. :)

    xoxo Tayrina


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