22 August 2013

Wanting Indian food. Masala, Samosas, Aloo Gobi and so much more. Clean eating has wonderful rewards but my body know what it wants and rice, peas, and sauces are in my dreams.

Planning my Fall menu. Seriously, I am ready for Fall yall! Haha. I have been dreaming of sweet potato bread pudding, pumpkin and apple pies, pumpkin rolls, and hot creamy soups.

Dreaming of little faces. I don't share my dreams much but I have been having so many. I've been dreaming about what the face of Baby FixIt will look like and longing to touch his/her soft skin.

Needing to travel. I have been bitten by the travel bug again and it's telling me I have been stationery for far too long. Hoping to be on an airplane going somewhere fun sometime soon.

Starting a new chapter in my life. Leading a small group is in my very near future, God has been preparing me mentally and physically to share my home and His word with a group of women.

Hoping to be strong and diligent in all that this new chapter of life is bringing before me. I don't want to let any thing I am doing fall through the cracks.

Reading Supernatural Childbirth and letting my faith in God put the super in all of my natural.

Learning that God will always meet me where I am and that He values my honesty and realness. He is helping to cleanse my jealous heart day by day.

Loving my family, each and every one of them. Wishing that we could share weekend laughs like we used to but so much has changed.

Thankful for this blog where I feel safe to put my thoughts out among family and friends. Thinking about how nice it would be if I could finally meet a few of you.

What are you currently up to?

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  1. You can always share your dreams with me. I honestly feel like there is some power to them.

  2. You are so amazing and an inspiration. I hope that I'll have the same relationship with Christ as you do. I love how you trust him 100% to take care of your needs. God bless you and make your dream come true. I'm praying for you! Caroline

  3. This was lovely!!! I love that you are so honest to share this :) and I love listening (well reading!).
    I have lovely dreams of cute little faces often and so pray that you will experience this soon!!! The dreams feel so real sometimes and makes it hard to be patient! But I have decided too to put all my faith in God and His timing. It's been a big relief and weight off my shoulders to do that. Doesn't mean I don't think of it but it definitely helps to revert to Him and not carry the load all by myself.

    ^^agree with Caroline too!

    And LOVE indian food! that and thai - the best curries!!


  4. I'll say it again. I love your blog, I love your honesty. You inspire me. In my mind, I'd already taken myself on a vacation to NY (which I had hoped to do this summer, but life got in the way of that) and met you in Manhattan. We even went to B&H where my camera dreams continued. *smile*

    Now as for the Indian food and the clean eating...does your clean eating plan allow for any food like this or is it really strict?


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