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13 August 2013

So today I am linking up my marriage goals with Kalyn and Amberly. Last week I shared my goals for the month of August, today marks one week since setting those goals so I thought I'd share how it's been going.

I don't really talk that much about my husband's job but he's pretty much a high tech computer geek. He deals with signals, microchips, data, connections, legal hacking and a whole bunch of other nerdy goodness. He finds his work very exciting and I am delighted that he enjoys what he does. I have prayed to be a better listener for whatever he wants to talk about and boy was I challenged! It seems as if every day this week he came home talking about exciting happenings at work. My brain doesn't like talking his nerdy work so I had to pray myself out of spacing out several times. Praying to be attentive did work but I could not understand for the life of me why it's been so hard.

As for patience I did fail miserably but to my surprise I remained patient with everyone except myself. I was so frustrated about not being able do better at listening. In my own frustration with myself God did reveal to me that I was forcing it. He revealed that actively listening was the key and that's where I was failing. All my life whether in business, college or grade school I have done the best when I actively listened. So why should that be any different where my husband is concerned?

So for this week my other goals remain the same:

Be a better listener.
Be more patient.
Be kinder.

I am adding to the list this week to listen actively - to pay attention, look at my husband when he speaks, encourage him to continue speaking, paraphrase his words, and ask questions. I know you are probably thinking this sounds so much like school but seriously I am trying to make an effort. When I survived one of my husband's work stories last week I was greatly rewarded with an awesome story and just sharing in that laugh made me feel closer to him than ever. I am a greedy lover and I want more of that closeness more intimacy, I don't think I can ever have enough. 

Do you have any goals for this week? If you linked up with Kalyn and Amberly how did you do this week? Let me know in the comments below or link me to your own post.

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  1. I love this! You guys are seriously the cutest :)

  2. No matter is your goals still the same, that means you are going keep working on it. The practice will make you improve more and more. You will see then, that will not be that hard. I share this with, because I feel identified with it. It is hard, but it's good to know that you do not give up on your goals. GBU!!!! Thanks again for sharing.

    xoxo, Tayrina

  3. What great goals! You and your hubby are so cute. I need to work on patience too.

  4. Such great goals and a wonderful recap! :) Thanks for linking up again :)

  5. listen actively, what a good reminder, not just be present, but ACTUALLY listen ;)

  6. This is so true. It's very easy to be distracted and I find myself finding it hard to concentrate sometimes when hubby talks and end up thinking how pretty his eyes are or lips are or that he needs to clip his eyebrows haha. Definitely a reminder to focus more.
    I do love how you said you "survived" listening to his story haha!

  7. I love your goals! I am a little behind in reading posts, but it is nice to see that you are actively pursuing your role as a wife week to week! The little things really are the big things and I am so blessed to read all that you are learning... Almost like I am learning from you and your marriage as well! Thanks for being such an inspiration and encouragement to me!


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