MWIP + July Blog Link Up!!

01 July 2013

My week in photos + a link up below.
Yummy vegan dish made for me by my husband. It was a curry chickpeas, tofu, dumplings, and potatoes....kind of Indian, kind of Jamaican.

Ventured out of the city for a wonderful women's only BBQ. It was awesome and relaxing the food was delicious and the desserts were awesome.

I had leftover vegan burgers from the BBQ and decided that I would whip up some more of my own homemade buns. They were awesomely delicious I am not sure if I will ever go back to regular buns again.

I've been testing out a special but simple recipe for you all. I will post about it in a few weeks time so stay tuned.

And the last photo from my week, just to give you all a laugh. My husband riding an invisible bicycle on our couch. He keeps me laughing. Forgive the man legs please.

Welcome to the July Social Connection Blog Hop!
Join us for this month long blog hop where you can link up all of your social media and blog. I am co-hosting this blog hop with Michelle and the other ladies listed below. Click here to link up.


1. Feel free to link up all of your accounts, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In, Google +, and anything else you have linked to your blog or website.

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The Social Connection is your place to share and connect with new friends and fellow bloggers.  Enjoy!  Come back every month to join us again.

I would like to introduce you to this months Co-Hosts:

Easy Green Mama  
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  1. Woo, when I saw that sandwich I said, "that looks like a veggie slider!" You're the bread making queen.


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