8 years ago....

02 July 2013

Eight years ago I awoke with anxiety of what the day would hold
I had no idea of how God would mold
The perfect man that was made just for me.
With a smile like bright light and eyes the color of honey.

His lips speak words of truth and he is as peaceful as a dove
The crook of his arm is perfect and fits me like a glove.
On this day we vowed become one
we pledged our love to the Creator of the Son.

The touch of his fingers send messages from above
he is my protector and provider, the earthly manifestation of God's Holy love.
He has always been the perfect friend
vowing to stay true until the end.

 Eight years ago I dawned the most luxurious dress
as he was fitted with his pearly white vest.
I have never felt so beautiful in my whole life.
Until the day I became his wife.

Happy Anniversary to the man I was made to love
your laughter, your kisses, your presence are several things I can never have enough of.

Then to Now

In Celebration of our 8th Wedding Anniversary I have been writing a series on marriage to share what I have  learned along the way. Check the links out below.


  1. Happy Anniversary! Congratulations on 8!! years! That is such an awesome testimony! I cant wait to be able to read through those posts above :)

  2. Awe happy anniversary! You two make a beautiful couple! He's very handsome, and you're both lucky to have found each other.

  3. Oh and I think I fixed my email thingy, let me know if it works,

  4. *wow* 8 years and pushing! love it! Congrats and Happy Anniversary to you both! i'm still in newlywed stage but i love to see lasting marriages, Thank You! *smile*


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