The Countdown: Before The Wedding

02 June 2013

We are 30 days away from celebrating our wedding anniversary. As I look back over the years there is so much to be grateful for. My husband and I have truly been blessed by God with a marriage that is standing the test of trials and time. Statistics for divorces is already at 50% for anyone who marries and when you marry young those numbers are said to get even higher. Honestly I never cared much for statistics then and I don't now. We have never let those numbers worry us in any way. We've never even come close to getting a divorce and hardly ever talked about it - if I was angry enough divorce was the last thing on my mind. I was a runner back then, so I would much rather run away than to spend months in litigation.

During our courtship early 2004.
Honestly we have had many bad days, and our marriage surely is not perfect. We know we were called to be married, how else would this thing be working out so well with two flawed human beings at the wheel? We got married young, we fought, we have cried, we have been happy, we have been sad, and with all those things constantly changing one things has always remained the same. We have always been in love and are committed to God first and then to each other.

As we countdown to July 2nd I am reliving the moments. At this time 8 years ago I was surprisingly not a wreck, a month from the wedding most brides would be going crazy. I honestly had nothing to think about when it came to the wedding, my Mommy Bear was handling and paying for all the expenses - I on the other hand was graduating from high school. Yes you heard that right. One month from my wedding date, I was walking across the stage and snatching my high school diploma out of the hands of my Principal happily thinking "let's blow this joint". 
Mommy bear and I on graduation day.
I had so much ahead of me marriage, college, and a career. It was all happening so fast but in that moment I was not thinking about being a wife, college student or a lawyer. I was savoring the last of my moments in high school - I walked right across the stage and into a new chapter in my life. When my graduation was over I did notice something had shifted in my perspective. All of my friends were turning in their gowns and packing up their cars to head to the club and then to the beach. I on the other hand happily opted out to have dinner with my husband to be. 
Day of my High School Graduation June 2, 2005

My life changed forever in a good way.

I was blessed to find my life partner early in life.

I was blessed to have people encouraging our choice to be married.

I was blessed to still attend college.

I was blessed to marry my best friend.

I was blessed to start a life that has been an absolute adventure.

Life is good. Marriage is good. I am happy to be married.
Photo of us in 2004 before getting married.
I hope you will check out the series that I am posting beginning June 16 on through July talking about singleness and the purpose for marriage. 

Here is our tentative calender:

June 16 - Singleness: A Gift
June 30 - Marriage: the Creation
July 7 - Marriage: the Calling 
July 21 - Marriage: the Work
July 28 -Marriage: the Party

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  1. You guys are too cute! Happy almost anniversary.

  2. I look forward to reading your series. Happy Early Anniversary!

  3. OOOO I am really excited to read this series:D


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