Keeping It 100!

17 June 2013

Hey Lovelies! I'm back and this is my 100th post. Please check out the video below for a recap on what's been going on in my world.

My Week in Pictures
 I started my week with the death of these beautiful peonies.

 This was my poor arm, after sticking me four times a super nurse finally got my IV in with little vein fishing. Right now I have terrible bruising that makes me look like I have been using. Not cute.

I was wheeled out of room number six and into the hallway to get my Cat Scan. I look happy here because I was medicated and semi pain free. The guy who was pushing my bed pushed fast and it reminded me of when I would have my brother push me on shopping carts in the grocery store. It was fun.

After several hours in the ER I was finally drugged, diagnosed, and discharged. This was my arsenal of medicines which have kept me pain free.

Eating vegetable fried rice and cuddling in my blankie. Seriously my mom gave me this blanket a few years ago. I love it and take it everywhere.

Someone's beautiful yard a little ways off from the city. We went there to pick up my new desk, those are some of the drawers in their yard.

Eerie window washers from my kitchen and living room. I told my husband today that we would seriously need to get some kind of cover for that kitchen window. Talk about being freaked out.

I hope you all enjoyed this update. How was your week?

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  1. Woot woot! 100 posts! :-) I hope that you continue to stay pain free after your procedure!! And those are such beautiful flowers!

    xoxo Miss ALK

  2. Wow, what a week! I hope you're doing much better, but it sounds like you've been in good spirits the entire time. God is good. :-)

    * Congrats on the 100 posts!

  3. Congratulations on 100 posts! Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. I enjoy your space as well. I'm in the works for updating, but I think I may take a course too! I'm so glad I have another Sister in Christ blog friend! Have a marvelous day! Also, I added you via bloglovin!

    May you have a wonderful blessed day!

  4. Hey there. Hope you're doing good. Also hope you have a great weekend to come. Enjoy the 1st day of Summer. That is if its like Summer where you are. Here I'm hoping it's a great sunny weekend. In the mean time, feel free to stop by my blog hop and link up. Meet some fantastic bloggers.


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