June Blog Hop!

01 June 2013

Welcome to the June Social Connection Blog Hop!
Join us for this month long blog hop where you can link up all of your social media and blog. I am co-hosting with Michelle from Big Foot Tribe.
1. Feel free to link up all of your accounts, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In, Google +, and anything else you have linked to your blog or website.
2. Please place the blog hop button on your side bar after linking up
3. Please tweet or share this hop, help spread the word.
4. Come back throughout the month to make new connections with those who link up after you.

The Social Connection is your place to share and connect with new friends and fellow bloggers.  Enjoy!  Come back every month to join us again.

I would like to introduce you to this months Co-Hosts:

If you are interested in co-hosting next month's hop, please email me at

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"A lover of country music (love it like a religion), an elementary school teacher, a semi-math nerd, and a BIG fan of: summer, jeans, and tans." 
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  1. Hi Charity! You have a nice blog site! Thanks for the follow--I'm following you back via GFC!


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