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24 June 2013

While I was recovering I took some time to indulge in a few of the things I really like. I love reading and while I have not gotten deeper in my book I have been reading new blogs, watching new vlogs, and just doing a bunch of stuff to make recovering fun. I have listed five of my favorites from each category for you below, maybe you'll find we have some things in common.

Favorite New Blogs

 I thoroughly enjoy this blog for photos and vegan recipes. Bonnie is a sweetheart and very inspiring. She and her husband live the simple life in California, Bonnie designs and makes wonderful recipes. They are also expecting their first baby in a few months. Bonnie also gives out desktop and cellphone wallpaper calenders every month and they are super cute. Can't you see the beauty oozing from her?

This family is living off the grid, they have their own farm and make their own cheese.  Camille the mama of the blog is actually wanting to learn how to make her own tofu and I can't wait until she does. She also bakes in her BBQ grill. If you'd love a look into the farm life check them out.

 I love this blog specifically because its photography and food oriented - those are two of my favorite things. Meg also shares many tips on how to spruce up your blog space and she designs blogs.

 Not a new blog but always a new adventure with this family. They love Christ and are always trying to figure out ways to help their children grow the same love. Ashley is a photographer too and does lots of DIY project like a chicken coop, and garden beds all with her five children in tow.

 Drea's journey is an incredible one, a must read. She is also a vegan and a small business owner that I cannot wait to support. Drea shares her travels, cooking, and family life via this blog. She also lives in Florida a little ways away from where I moved, so I am reading her blog from her very first post - we are already friends in my head.

 Favorite Vlogs

Chase GodTV - a mans perspective on his walk with Jesus. Joe is hilarious and very talented. He shares his faith and makes all his content relevant to his viewers in modern times.

Unveiled Wife - Jenn is a wife and mom who vlog's and blogs about just being a wife who is seeking after God and striving to love her husband they way God requires. 

It'sJudy'sLife - a family vlog. This family vlogs everyday just sharing their lives with us. Judy and Benji share healthy eating tips, makeup tips, and how they raise their sweet baby girl.

LefloofTv - also a family vlog. Insanely hilarious, and these folks live across the globe in Ireland. Their love for each other is so beautiful - if you do decide to check them out start from the beginning and watch as their love builds up.

DearNaptural85 - another family vlog. I just love watching how differently people live their lives from me. Whitney and her husband share their life as Felipe goes to school to be a nurse and Whitney is a hair guru and graphic designer.

Favorite Things

iPhone - "You know why!' if you have seen What happens in Vegas that quote should be relevant you.

Vitamix Blender - It's really helped me to claim my healthy eating all the way. I am making my own vegan everything in this blender. I also save tons of money because I am not buying frappucinos, smoothies, soups and sorbet like I used to. If you would like a full fledged review I'd be happy to do one later.

Stand Mixer - gosh this week I have baked three loaves of bread. All vegan of course. I am just so inspired to be baking all types of goodies for my family. Not inspired enough to start a business - but inspired enough to bake almost everyday and to make tubs of ice cream.

Nook Color - When I am actually reading this device is awesome. On the other hand I found it works out really well for watching Netflix in the kitchen when I am cooking. It also does wonders for listening to music and watching YouTube. If only they'd come up with a spotify app.

Cuppow - I talked about this little device before but it essentially turns any mason jar into an adult sized sippy cup. Ha! Seriously though I just love using my cuppow in and out of the home. I like traveling my drinks around in it knowing that its not leeching chemicals from the bottle.

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  1. fun post!!! admire people who do vlogs :)

  2. These are a great list of faves. I'll have to check out some of those blogs/vlogs. :-)


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