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28 June 2013

I am in no way a blog authority but I pride myself in being resourceful. I am resourceful enough to find people that are even more resourceful. Ha. I like doing things myself and I like sprucing up my blog to make it look better, but I can't take credit for the small changes you see happening on this blog. So if you desire to make some quick cosmetic fixes to your blog here are a few of my favorite tips for doing that.

1. Have you grown tired of your seeing powered by blogger at the bottom of your blog? Check out Meg's cure for this blog ailment.

2. Are you in need of a snazzy button for your blog? Well Rekita can give you all the details on how to do that and I promise you it was super easy. Rekita also has other nifty tips on her blog outlined here.

3. Have you ever wanted to put a clickable link in your reply to someone else's blog post? Well with this tip from Rebecca you can do just that.

4. Are you interested in having your own set of social media icons? Check out Carrie's post, she offers tons of social media icons in different colors to help you jazz up your space.....for FREE! 

5. Would you like to add a pin it button to the photos on your blog? Visit Kevin & Amanda's blog for a how to on that.

Bonus Tip: Do you want to stay abreast on your favorite blogs but have no idea how to switch the blogs you read from Google reader to bloglovin? Well there is a quick cure for that here? Google Reader will be shutting down after this weekend. So be sure to follow me on Bloglovin if you have not done so already. I have a handy little link below my signature.

Do you have any favorite tips for sprucing up your blog? If so share them with me in the comments below.

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  1. Thanks Charity! These will definitely help me out! Thanks for compiling a list!!

  2. All good ideas! Do you have the links for them?

    1. Hi! Yes the links are in post. I realize now it was hard to see them so I have made the links bold.

  3. This is a great list. There are a couple of things I have been considering for my blog. Thanks for sharing!


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