What a Pinteresting Week!

23 May 2013

On Monday Mr.FixIt and I ventured to the store with a huge grocery list in tow. I had tons of recipes that I have been itching to try out and they have all been from Pinterest of course.

Slowly over the next few weeks I will share the tweaked recipes in detail. I only followed the recipe for the marmalade exactly as I found it. Everything else got tweaked to suit my vegan taste buds. 

First I made this delicious Pasta Salad. This was actually from a compilation of several pasta salad recipes on and off Pinterest, so I do not have an exact link. I opted for bow-tie pasta with less or more of various things the recipes called for.

Next I made this awesome throat soothing Marmalade. Many people attested to how it helped with their allergies as well if they used local raw honey to make it (please read her entire blog post if you suffer with allergies there was good info there). I made one jar with raw honey and one with vegan honey for myself so I will see how powerful it will be.

I also made this awesome spicy Haitian Coleslaw called Pikliz. I am not Haitian but I really enjoy Haitian food because it's so flavorful. This mix is pickled cabbage, onions, scotch bonnet peppers and carrots, it'll take several days before its completely ready to eat, the older the better.

Afterwards I made a weeks worth of Salad Jars. Seems like I could have whipped this up when I first pinned it but I absolutely despise salad, so I dragged my feet with this one a bit. I am trying to force more raw veggies in my diet so I figured between this and smoothies I would have my greens covered. I was not as creative as some salad jars I have seen but I will be ready for these jars next week. I followed this nifty little guide to best of my abilities.
And here is what I came up with based on those steps.

I had an awesome time finally doing some of the things I had pinned. What fun is it really when it's just sitting there in cyber space. Have you completed any task from Pinterest? If not I challenge you to do at least one project this week I bet you will feel so great when you do. Let me know which of your pins you are excited to tackle in the comments below.

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