Thankful Thursday: ABC's of Thankfulness!!

30 May 2013

We all have much to be grateful for and sometimes when you can't think of anything making a list really does help. I am linking up with Marquis from Simply Clarke for ABC's of thankfulness. 


I am thankful for :

A - airplanes. I am not sure how I could have survived living 1300 miles away from my family without one.

B - babies. There are so many lives blooming all around, but I am proudest at being a Godmother to a baby girl this year.

C - cooking. I am so glad to just have some skills in the kitchen to make a meal and I really love cooking for my husband and feeling all wife like. 

D - dates. I can't say how important dating is in all relationships. I date everyone now my mom, friends and of course my hubby.

E - eggs. My own not the ones from chickens. When you are dealing with infertility you have to be grateful for the small things...eggs are one of them - and I am glad I have some.

F - food. I love to eat lets face it. I said I love cooking and I don't know anyone who likes to cook but doesn't like to eat. There are so many people who are starving all around so when I cook I make sure not to waste a thing.

G - GOD. Seriously. He just continues to get me through so much, and he loves me still when I am unpleasant. haha!

H - home. I am blessed enough to call two places home, and I have so much peace even in this little apartment.

I - iPhone. I have owned one since 2007, and I am never going back. This phone has simplified my life.

J - jokes. I love a good joke to brighten up my day.

K - kisses. Nothing like remembering to kiss the people you love. 

L - languages. Italian and Hindi are just so beautiful to me.

M - marriage. I just love it and I love who I am married to.

N - notes. Writing and finding notes is the sweetest thing ever.

O - olive trees. The Symbolism and the produce. 

P - photography. I am a Photographer, nuff said!

Q - quiet time. It's my most favorite part of the day.

R - Rest. Not sleeping per say but just taking a break from everything.

S - stories. I love reliving peoples moments.

T - texts. I seriously despise talking on the phone. So if you have my number text me.

U - umbrellas. It's been a rainy spring in the city.

V - vents. For both heat and air. Summer is coming.

W - winter. It's my favorite season of all.

X - xenial. Parties and get togethers are my thing. I love having people over.

Y - yoga. That's the only way I will work out.

Z - zippers. Having them makes everything easier.

So what are you thankful for? Join the link up here and let me know if you do in the comments below.

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