Pop Goes the Weasel!!

22 May 2013

I totally had a hard time spelling weasel just now. I mean honestly when was the last time that you spelled out the word weasel? <---That still looks funny but I am assuming its correct because there is not red squiggly line below it. Anyhow on to what this post is really about and if you haven't guessed it already its about POPCORN! Sorry no weasel here!

Yes I absolutely love eating popcorn and while there are tons of organic versions of popcorn they are just generic and have no pizzazz. I am all about flavorful popcorn and my two favorite flavors for popcorn is lime/lemon, salt, and faux butter. 

So as I was strolling the isles at Whole Foods I came across this awesome popcorn by Quinn. 

This popcorn comes in a compost friendly bag however I believe it comes with one too many little packets therefore still contributing to the landfill. As you can see below this is a 3 step popcorn. 

First you have to pop, oil, and then salt.

This is what my popcorn looked like after I completed all three steps. 

The flavor is awesome...it was the perfect lemon and salt combination and only about 2-3% of the bag was left un-popped - I would call that a win. However the price point was a little high for it not being organic it cost 5 bucks for a box which gives two servings of popcorn. For the taste I would totally buy it again - for the price, servings, non-organic factor, and all the little packets I would say that it is not worth it.

Have you ever had Quinn Popcorn before? Do you like popcorn, if so what's your favorite popcorn brand?

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