Mother's Day: 5 Ways to Celebrate Everyday

13 May 2013

So I am a bit late in posting about Mother's Day. I thought I would take a day off to sulk, and no I was not sulking about my own woes but more so about the fact that I missed my mom so much. We are separated for the first time in 26 years on Mother's Day and yesterday also happened to be her birthday. So needless to stay I have missed a whole lot of celebrating. 

[Mommy Bear and Baby Bear]
Today I want to share 5 easy ways to celebrate everyday with you mom:

1. Call her tell her that you missed hearing her voice, chat it up even if you only talk for 10 minutes she'll be happy you called.

2. Send her mail. I am sure everyone likes getting letters, cards, or gifts via mail send your mom something she'll be totally surprised.

3. Date your mom! That's right I said it - take your mom out for dates. It doesn't have to be something uber fancy, but if it is - go you! Most moms like simple things - spas, breakfast, lunch, movies, dinner etc - think of something you know she'll love.

4. Visit your mom. If you live close pay your mom a visit. Just go to her house and commit to spending time with her uninterrupted - cook, play board games, go down memory lane, help her clean or garden whatever it takes.

5. Ask for her help. We all know how moms love to help, but sometimes as they get older and as you get older they feel like they aren't needed as much. Ask your mom for some help with something you know she loves cooking, craft projects, painting, shopping etc - let her be the captain and you be the first mate.

I hope you will celebrate your mom every single day while you can. Happy Belated Mother's Day to all my readers. Hope it was a great day.

To my Mommy Bear, I miss you very much - I won't miss it next year...God willing.

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  1. Oh, Charity :( I'm so sorry you missed spending the day with your mom. I'm absolutely sure she knows what a loving and caring daughter she has, though. You offered some great suggestions!


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