I've Changed.....

08 May 2013

I absolutely hated flowers but now I am totally wishing someone would send me a bouquet of fresh Peonies, they're my favorites.

I used to be head over heels in love with high heels, but these days me feet practically beg for flats.

I was self absorbed but now I totally love being around people and I am genuinely interested in their lives.

I used to be afraid to fly and while I still get jet-setter jitters I happily hop on flights at any chance I get.

I hated playing in dirt when I was a little girl, now no one can stop me I am obsessed with gardening.

I used to be all like "What's with these Jesus lovers?" but now I totally get it.

I loved to party, and while I still love a good rager typically a Hillsong one - my ideal Friday night is one that involves movies, a couch, a blanket, ice cream, and my husband.

I defined my style before as very modern but now I am leaning more toward Boho Chic borderline eclectic.

I totally loved all animals and while I still do consider myself a lover of animals these days I am all about dogs.

I could have totally been considered a closet nudist but living in the North doesn't allow me to have that luxury happily awaiting the summer....I guess this wasn't a real change.

I used to scoff at the thought of public transportation but these days riding in a car is pure torture can we just get there already?

I was possibly known as the woman who wanted everything, now I just want a simple life.

I used to say to my self you couldn't pay me to stay home looking after a man and a bunch of kids, now that's totally my dream and I am happily living it out each day.

I never thought I would be a blogger but here I am.

How have you changed? Let me know in the comments below or link me to your own post.
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  1. This is great, I have changed in different ways and I like it. I think change is good, there is always a way to grow and learn as a person and become better from it, even if the change doesn't seem good at the time. Sorry, that was a horrible run on sentence :)


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