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14 May 2013

the green life choose me! 
So I know we are in May now but you all get how obsessed I am with doing better for the planet. I mean I feel so trendy when I take my own cups into coffee shops or my bags into Whole Foods. I get excited about recycling, up-cycling  reducing, and gardening. Each year for Earth Day I try and do something different to lessen my impact on the planet. This year I decided that I would try and phase out plastic products for my own health as well as to save the planet - with these.
[The blue jars are limited edition.]
2013 happens to also be the 100th anniversary of the ball mason jars, which is why they have brought back the blue limited edition jars. So in effort to get rid of plastic to go cups, Tupperware  and Ziploc bags I purchased several size canning mason jars to begin this transition. My plan is to use the pint size blue jars as travel cups as well as storage containers these are BPA free and cute. The larger half gallon jars will be used for bulk shopping at Whole Foods instead of using the plastic bags I will bring in my jars and fill them with beans, rice, granola, etc. As you can see we need to do a little shopping.

I purchased these jars at Ace Hardware as I found these sizes to be the cheapest there. I am also in the market for 24oz and 32oz wide mouth jars I did not find them to be the cheapest at Ace. To save on resources and to save money, I opted to have my jars shipped to the Ace Hardware nearest to me. I also purchased these pretty awesome drinking spouts to turn my mason jars into the cutest travel mugs in town. I know these are plastic but they are also BPA free and I plan to get tons of use out of them. There is a stainless steel option for this drinking spout I found out about it after I had placed my order, it's made by another company. (Bummer!)

Next up reusable straws. If you are interested in any of these items I have put the links below.

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