11 May 2013

Thinking what great weather we have been having in the city for the past few days now it's so gloomy and looks like it's about to rain. Hoping it doesn't ruin our date night.

Writing in my journal to God. Yesterday made it official, it's been one whole since I started writing in my journal and I am just realizing that today.

Too Lazy to clean the kitchen, my husband cooked last night and man he uses everything when he cooks. The food was so worth it though.

Drinking a green smoothie, I am trying my hand at skipping a cooked breakfast and eating a live one instead. I will share my green smoothie recipe if anyone is interested.

Excited about working a fashion show in a few weeks. Weddings and portraits are more my element but I love exploring different areas of photography. Maybe I'll share pictures of that when I do.

Reading....finally. I got my copy of Redeeming Love from Florida. I won this book from Hannah's giveaway in February happy to finally be reading it. Thanks so much Hannah totally love that you gave away a book!

Super Sad about....well you'll find out why tomorrow.

Happy Saturday Lovelies! What are you currently up to?

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