So What's Up With Those Resolutions?

02 April 2013

Its already the second day of April. That means we are nearly 15 weeks into new year. How did that happen? Where has time gone? Most importantly what's going on with those RESOLUTIONS? If you are having trouble remembering what they are think back to New Years Day and all the things you pledged to be doing in 2013. I do not personally know what those things look like for you, but I am writing this post to hold you and me accountable to the things we set out to do - whether that be losing weight, reading more, going to church, seeking God, working on your marriage, enjoying your single-hood  praying more, getting healthy or what have you - there is still time to work on them. Do not give up. I personally was not hard on myself and set out to make resolutions for my life and not just the year. I have failed at many New Year's Resolutions in the past....get healthy, praying more, cursing less, forgiving, being kind, and being intentional about friendships.

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I failed to change many of those things about myself because I did not have enough strength. I never even thought to pray and ask God to help me to commit to making those changes. Yes we can ask him for help with things like that too, but when you do ask be prepared to be tested in those areas. I also never shared what I wanted to do with friends, so if I didn't stick to it no one knew and I did not have to feel bad. After failing at my resolutions I also looked at what I wanted to change and realized that many of those things would take more than a year to accomplish, and that's okay. I am still working on praying more....but I pray more than I did years ago when I embarked on this resolution, and some where along the lines I stopped cursing - yes it can happen! Ha. Just last year I took strides to forgive my Father who I had been estranged from for 7 years. So the point of this post is that some things take more time, and we won't always get fast results but that doesn't mean that we should give don't deceive yourself into thinking you failed.

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Make your "Resolutions for the New Year" your "Resolutions for Life". Find that list that you made, dust it off and recommit to doing what it takes to accomplish those goals. Make this your day one - pray on those goals. Ask God for help, message friends the list and have some of them hold you accountable. Go public with some of the things you want to do that are not private. Commit to forming good habit's and breaking bad ones - I have heard it takes 21 days to do either and I tried it and it worked for me. If you didn't have any resolutions its never to late to start some. Check out my list below and take some time to write your own.

  • Rely: on Jesus, commit to never living without him. Even in the small things. 
  • Pray: more and worry less, make my life a prayer. Cover my family in prayer.
  • Live: Each day determined that God’s love will guide what I say and how I think. Live my life on a continual praise frequency.
  • Meditate: Set aside time after devotional to be still before The Lord.
  • Ministry: is important, my Husband is my ministry, my Family is my ministry - be committed.
  • Love: and forgive others the way God loves and forgives me.
  • Extend: every situation at all times, share the Grace I have received.
  • Submit: to my husband, because it pleases The Lord, it strengthens our marriage, and encourages him in his role as the leader of our family.
  • Seek: the Lord by spending more time reading my bible…get lost in his word. Seek to do his will. 
  • Serve:  The Lord and others (Women...widows, children, and elderly).
  • Share: Christ and more of my life with others. Don't be embarrassed every test and trial is a testament of God's grace that gets me through. Keeping everything private won't give God glory.
  • Self: care is important. Take time to do the things I love read, write, paint, etc. or find "dolce far niente" on my self care days. Eat right, spend time outdoors, do yoga.  If I am worn out I am worthless. 
If you have some resolutions for life link me to your post or let me know in the comments below.



  1. These are great resolutions! Good luck keeping them up.

  2. Wow. I really never thought of it that way.. I know it sounds so silly. Obvious that I should be looking to the Father for my strength in ALL areas, not just when I feel like I should. Thank you for the reminder.

  3. I didn't always do the life resolutions, but now I'm a little older I can see a lot of things more clearly. I do thank you for reminding me of some important things that I should be doing. I know I must put god first in anything in life in order for me to succeed.


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