Overcome The Lie: Happy HumpDay!!

24 April 2013

Hey Lovelies!!

It's finally the middle of the week. Be encouraged you have finally made it to the top of the hump and the weekend is just two days away. I just wanted to come on and post some encouragement for whatever you may be going through today or in your life general. Sometimes we face many trials and we go at it alone we do not even think to share with God or even a close friend or family member. Sometimes our problems eat us up inside to where we think everything is hopeless.

Those thoughts that are discouraging, disheartening, and devious are all lies that the enemy would have you to believe. If you are having a problem and you think no one cares, if you have considered suicide and you think no one will notice that you are gone, and if you feel unloved.....those are lies. The enemy wants to defeat you and the only way he can do that is by getting you to believe those lies. I declare over all my readers today that you will not be defeated by his lies. The truth is that God loves us and wants the best for us, in his will we are destined to do great things here on earth and later in heaven.

I have recently joined a challenge to help myself and many other people overcome the lies that the enemy has told us. He has tried to bring me down by telling me that my marriage would fail (sorry that won't happen we are at nearly 8 years strong and more in love now than ever before) and that womb was barren and that I would not be the happy mother of children (God is the bringer of life, not you broke down Satan!), so I know that's a lie. My Father in heaven has promised me great things and I will not allow the devil help my mind to betray my heart. So if you are interested in joining me in overcoming the lies that you have been told I urge you to join the OverCometheLie Challenge. We will be starting day 9 tomorrow but it's never to late to start,  Ashley the Founder of the challenge can get you set up with an accountability partner.

During this challenge I have pledge to fast from social medias because I seriously can get addicted to Instagram and Twitter, this blog is the exception because I believe it's part of my calling. I limit my time on the computer and have spent more time reading my bible and building my marriage and other relationships. I am believing that God will deliver in big ways when these 40 days have been completed. He has already been helping me to see his love for me just through prayer and conversations with my accountability and prayer partner Christina.

If you are not ready to do the challenge feel free to let me know if you want prayer I would be happy to pray for you. Just leave a comment on the blog saying you want prayer and when I when I respond to your comment via private email you can tell me what you need prayer for...or not. I do not have to know your business I can pray for you because God already knows what you need. Anyhow if you want prayer just make sure you are not a no-reply blogger so I can get back to you.

Have a great HumpDay my loves.




  1. Hi,

    I need prayers! I emailed you yesterday. Thank you so much!


  2. I just emailed them! Thanks for putting that out there.


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