Monday Mashup: Tuesday Edition

16 April 2013

So it's Tuesday but here is our Monday Mashup.

Friday was an awesome day. As the weekend was set to begin I did a lot of organizing around the house. Trying to get our living room back organized after doing tons of rearranging. So far I managed to get the coffee table cleared and I put some things in my desk. When I moved to this apartment I sat down and sketched exactly how I wanted each room to look in a composition book called apartment therapy.  It's so awesome seeing one room come completely to life...short of wall hangings. I was able to scratch off most of the list for our hallway. Our living room just needs end tables so that room is next, super excited about that.

Saturday was so awesome, I served with a church from morning to afternoon. You can read more about that HERE. My husband also was able to visit the church for the first time with me, we discussed what we learned from the service but I haven't asked him if he was ready to settle there yet. So stay tuned for that part. It was just so awesome to be in the house of God with the man that I love. The church also held baptisms that night and I cried like a baby. The symbolism behind being dipped in the water is so touching, praises to God for new beginnings through the life, death, and life of his Son Jesus Christ.

Sunday I spend a great amount of time reading my bible and journaling. Super excited about how I have been feeling over the past few days. On Saturday nights' service the guest Pastor said that everyone is dealing with a "Storm" (struggles that come into our lives). He said you were in one of three categories when it came to storms, you were either:

  1. Going into a storm.
  2. In a Storm.
  3. Coming out of a storm.
He also said that we needed to be wise and not foolish to make it through this storms. So I spent Sunday reading about and praying for wisdom to make it out of my current storm.

I closed the night by watching the Life of Pi with my husband. I think it's the equivalent of an Eat Pray Love for men. Haha. This movie also was spot on with the message we received Saturday night, as the main character Pi had to make it through several storms in his life. If you have not seen it already I highly recommend it.

Monday I rose early as Mr.FixIt and I had an appointment to pick up a chair that we found on Craigslist. It is an antique swivel chair. We will be fixing it up along with the desk that I purchased from there a few months ago. I know it doesn't look that great but it is in great condition and only needs a coat of paint the hard wear and everything else is in great condition. Also I was thrilled to get the chair from two awesome ladies Susan and Jane, I found out the most interesting thing that they were nuns for 39 years and lived in a convent. I hugged them both with excitement because it is such a big vow to God. Every time I go to pick up pieces from Craigslist God just shows me he's always there and I have met wonderful people via Craigslist. When I fix up the items that I purchase from these people I send them photos afterwards so they can see that their pieces go on to live a new life. I totally love this furniture thrifting adventure we are on.

I can almost feel the end of our Craigslist immediate buy list. We just need end tables and possibly six Ingolf chairs if we can find them. I have been totally busy the past few weeks and the ones coming up. So nothing has been painted yet. As soon as we begin a project I will post so you guys can see the before and afters. As of right now the hall buffet and coffee table are first on the to do list.

Anyhow enough about me, how was your weekend? Tell me in the comments below or link me to your own post.



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