Monday Mashup: Tuesday Edition

09 April 2013

Hey Lovelies!!

There will be a slight change for this month, Monday Mashups have now moved to Tuesdays. Just so we are on the same page I will still recap the weekend just not on Mondays until Earth Day has come an gone. On Monday's I will now be posting things related to greening up your life. So I hope you will enjoy those post and accept the challenge to make small green changes to you life.

So my weekend was pretty Amazing. While I didn't get that many photos I did get enough to make it count.

Saturday - I met up with one of my friends to head to Brooklyn for a Spiritual Bootcamp Concert. We first had lunch in the city at one of my favorite places, Chipotle. After having a quick lunch we hopped on the subway to BK. We got there and my friend was asked to collect tickets so I helped her with that. Once the concert started someone else took over manning to door so we were able to enjoy worshiping and praising with the rest of the concert goers. I have to tell you it was an amazing experience to just worship and praise God, I think I sat down for maybe a total of 15 minutes between songs, the concert lasted from 7 to almost 12am. I can't really explain the experience in words, just know that when I left I was a sweaty crying mess but I felt so good.

Sunday - I was pretty much in recovery after the Bootcamp the night before, but praise God I awoke at a reasonable time to spend time in his word. Sunday was a pretty low key day I spent most of the day stalking my plants and cleaning the apartment. Look how big those sunflowers are getting, I still have not seen anything from the other seeds....but in due time.

Afterwards I had a FaceTime session with my dog. Lame I know but I totally miss her, the cold weather was not working out with her 2lbs of Chihuahua.

I also made this awesome Spaghetti, with Spaghetti Squash. All vegan and super easy, I may share the recipe in a few days or so. 

Monday - Was a super awesome day, I awoke to the news that my Goddaughter had been born at 7:57am that morning weighing 7.14lbs and 19inches long. I was super excited, and the story is one that I may share at a later date with the permission of my friend but let me just say that it is a testament to God's glory. He is a wonderful God and I am so thrilled to have been a witness to what he did in my friend and her husband's life yesterday. I am also super proud to share in the responsibility of teaching this little girl about Jesus. God parenting is a serious job many take it so lightly but when you are able to shape souls as either parents or Godparents it is a big deal to raise followers of Christ - especially in this world.

Aside from the grand entrance that Elena made yesterday Mr.FixIt and I went to IKEA to do a little shopping. For a very long time he has been complaining that our dining plates were to small. I had purchased those as a temporary set until I found the ones I really liked. Then I found some that I really wanted but realized that we had no cabinet space for them, so we held off on buying the plates. So a week ago we finally put up the cabinet and low an behold in true IKEA fashion the plates were discontinued. Bleh! So I spent about 20 minutes deciding on a new set of plates. I had to choose between the three sets pictures below.

We ended up choosing the last ones. They were simple but had a little elegance to them. We have been enjoying them since last night. I made Indian Tofu Curry for myself last night, and the hubby used the plates for the first time with his breakfast, and no he is not vegan.

So that was it for my weekend. How was yours? Let me know in the comments below.



  1. Just dropping in doing a little Bloglovin' reading:) Hope you have a great day!

  2. My weekend was totaly awesome! I was at the Warsaw Fashion Weekend in Warsaw of course:D Would u like to follow me? more about fashion weekend on my blog:) !


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