Let's Get This Garden Started!!

03 April 2013

Hey Lovelies! So I finally mustered up the energy to start my garden. It took me just about all day because I was also assisting the hubby with putting up a cabinet in our kitchen. It took us a while but we are finally scratching off the last of our kitchen to do list. Now I get to just decorate it how I want because we have ample storage now. Look how serious he is when fixing things. I love this guy

Anyhow back to the garden. A few weeks ago I mentioned here that I was excited to begin this process. It was a lot harder than the last time I started my garden. There are fewer seeds available up in the North than in the South. I am not sure if the stores just are a little delayed or if their stock will always be like that. Either way because of the short supply I had to change up what I wanted. I had been putting off starting the garden because I wasn't able to find some of the seeds - I finally decided to make some changes, buy plants, and get over the veggies that I could not find in plant or seed form. So here is how that list changed.

Living Room
 Cherry, beefsteak, & plum. Changed the last two to a yellow pear and a specialty red.
Bell Peppers 
red, green, and yellow. I omitted the yellow. Also couldn't find it.
Jalepeno, Banana, Scotch Bonnet. I also could not find the banana or scotch seeds.

I actually went ahead and bought a plant couldn't find the seeds.
Unfortunately I have not been able to find the seeds, will buy the plant. 
Same here. I will look for the plant.

I used round peat pots to start the seedlings, with Miracle Grow Organic Potting Mix. The Seeds are Burpee  Organic seeds, all garden items were purchased at Home Depot and Lowes. My scissors, spray bottle, and green houses were all purchased at IKEA. I also added a second green house to the mix. One for the kitchen and one for the living room window.

To start I scooped two spoonfuls of dirt into each of the peat pots. I used twelve because I planted twelve types of veggies and herbs. 

After spooning the dirt in all twelve pots. I then made small dents in the dirt with my finger tip. I filled each hole with a pinch of seeds.

I also made my own garden markers. I will likely invest in some better ones once the plants mature, until then I made these from post its, zip ties, and tape. I love using what I have around the house. I found the zip ties in Mr.FixIt's tool bag and the rest of the stuff was in my desk.

After labeling all the pots and filling them each with their seeds. It was time to water, to make sure I didn't over water the seeds I sprayed them each a few times, just until the soil was black instead of brown.

After giving them all a good spray down. I placed them in their respective green houses where they will live and grown. I am so excited about the days to come, growing things is so much fun - I never had this much fun playing in dirt until I started gardening.

So the green houses each have new tenants. I am excited to watch these little seedlings grow. Are any of you planting anything this spring? If so tell me in the comments below or link me to your post.



  1. Wow! Look at you go! I love the little "green house" planter boxes that you are using. I should probably get a jump start on our veggies!

  2. Wow!! I love the kitchen plants, I specially love the little green house. Charity, are those organic plants. Your garden looks great.

  3. I wish there was just like a Pinterest button underneath this so I can remember to come back to it! I'm determined to start growing some of my own stuff! lol.


  4. I love that you are able to have a garden inside! I want to do this when we move into our new apartment! Just because I don't have a yard, doesn't mean I can't garden.

  5. Also, I agree with Ashley. You need a pin for this.

  6. I'm know I'm a little late this season, but I'm starting my sprouts this week. I'm also planning on doing a cinder block garden this time so I can transplant the seedlings there. Normally I just do container gardening on my deck, but I'm trying to change things up a bit. :-)

    Great post!

  7. Omg, loving the little greenhouses! Please let me know where I can get them from!



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