I Challenge You To A Duel!

08 April 2013

Okay so not really! 

But one of my favorite days is two weeks away and I want to challenge you my readers and myself to see how much more green we can be. As I may have mentioned several times before I am totally obsessed with HGTV. I love watching shows about fixing up my home and remaking things, I also love browsing their website and if you haven't done that already you should check it out here.With that said I have been looking for fun challenges to complete by Earth Day and to stick with afterwards. I already see there are several things that we are doing on the list, but this may be a start for many of you. So check out the list below.

HGTV Earth Day Challenge

1.     Get familiar with the three Rs: Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.
2.     Drive Less.
3.     Unplug.
4.     Conserve Water.
5.     Get Recycle Smart.
6.     Go Veggie.
7.     Give the Gift of yourself.
8.     Explore the outdoor.

For more info on each challenge click HERE.

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My Own Adds to the Challenge

9.   Go Paperless. You can stop getting paper bills and commit to getting E bills instead. Not only does this declutter your mailbox, but going paperless for bills can also protect you from identity theft. Yes people steal mail. Also you can use this link to have your household removed from junk mail list. You can opt out of all or select the ones you do not want.

10. Rethink. Look over your toiletries and household product list to see where you can opt for earth friendly substitutes ie. Feminine products, deodorants, shampoos, detergents, paper products etc.

11. Use the Library. Get a library card to share books, or purchase them electronically.

12. Cook more. Not only do home cooked meals save you more money, they also reduce the amount of paper, plastic, and nonrecyclables to be discarded. Package meals come in three parts and the box usually cannot be recycled.

13. Ditch the Bottle. Bottled waters are a great alternative when you do not have filtered water at home. However many of those tiny bottle are not recycled. If you must have bottled water, get bigger family sized jugs that you can take to stores like Whole Foods, Publix, etc to be refilled. If you need to travel with water to work invest in your own water cup that can be refilled at school, work, and even at home. Here are some of my favorite options. Glass To Go Cup paired with ThisStainless Steel to Go Cup. Straws.

14. B.Y.O.B. No not your own bottle though that applies to number 13, but here B.Y.O.B means bring your own bag. When you grocery shop bring you own canvas bags to the store. My grocery stores not carry backs at a nominal fee of .50 to 1 dollar per bag. While I know it seems like a lot I promise it is worth your while. Not only does bringing your own bags save you money, but it also saves you heart ache. Canvas bags or bags out material other than plastic and paper are much stronger. You will have less bags breaking if you use canvas or some other cloth. No more broken bags or eggs. 

      If you are interested in what all our "STUFF" does to the planet I urge you to watch the video below.

      What are some things you are doing to protect and restore the planet? Link me to your own post or tell me in the comments below.


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