Happy Earth Day!

22 April 2013

Hey Lovelies Happy Earth Day!
Today we celebrate the 43rd annual Earth Day, which was founded by Gaylord Nelson. The first Earth was actually held in NYC. So what better time to celebrate than now.

In celebration of Earth Day I have prepared this video to share with you some ways that I am green - I hope that you will identify with a few of things to make changes in your life as well. Please be sure to stick with me all the way until the end.

I hope you enjoyed this video. Stay tuned for next week's post as I highlight cloth pads for the last post regarding Earth Day. I will be discussing what they are made from, how they help make your menstrual cycle easier, how to wear them and how to clean them. If you cannot wait until next week here is where you can purchase the cloth pads shown in this video.

Happy Earth Day again. Pledge to be kinder to the planet from this day forward.



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