Happy Birthday to My Hair!

10 April 2013

Happy Birthday to my hair! Happy Birthday to my hair! Happy Birthday Dear Big Red! Happy Birthday to you!

So on April 10th, 2008 I embarked on a journey to start my locs. Locs as in dreadlocks if you are confused. My locs however are mini dreadlocks called SisterLocks. I started this journey because my hair had fallen out after working a very stressful job in Corporate America. Below is a picture of what my hair was like before that time.....permed, soft, and flowy.
I was determined to give my hair a fresh start void of chemicals, heat and high manipulation. Thus the decision to loc my hair - it is not a hairstyle for me, but a lifestyle choice that has seriously freed me from being a slave to my hair and hair salons. I still do have a hairdresser, now called a loctician - she grooms, and re-tightens my locs every 2 months from the comfort of her home. Other than that I am solely responsible for the care of my locs. I wash them weekly with Terressentials Mudwash, and moisturize them with an oil concoction found here.

Shortly after realizing that my hair was falling out I quit my job in Corporate America, and started my photography business. I had a huge patch in the middle of my head so I went to Super Cuts with the support of my best friend and let them cut it all off. Here is what I looked like the night after I big chopped.
I seriously loved having my hair cut this short, I used a dollop of shampoo, it took 3 seconds to dry - short hair is just so liberating. My husband hated it though so I embarked on a journey to grow my hair back.
When I started my locs in 2008 my hair was about 2 inches long. It was not growing that much because I actually had no idea how to take care of it. At this time I was awaiting my appointment to start my locs.

I will spare you all the progress photos but on April 10th after the install was completed this was the result.
April 10, 2008
Of course initially there was some shock because my hair looked so thin, and my face looked so huge. Haha. I of course went through a few ugly stages but over all the journey has been one that was more love than it was hate. Here are some photos of the in between stages, you can see the growth and hair texture change each year.
7 months.
Re-Tightening 2011
photo of me
Here are some of my various day to day styles. I'm almost always wearing some type of bun.

And lastly a progress shot of how my hair has grown over 5 years. 

My hair is now pass my bra strap and growing like a weed. I totally can't wait to see what year 6 brings.I know this post was super random, but natural hair is a pretty big deal in the black hair community. Most people do not make it this far in their natural hair journey. So five whole years of locs is a huge milestone even though I have been natural for 5+ years - locking my hair was a big deal, it was pretty much my no turning back point. I'm celebrating my hair today with a mud wash and a deep conditioning treatment. If you made it to the end of this post I applaud you and thank you.



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  1. That's. so. awesome.

    Oh my gosh. This seriously makes me so excited because my bestie has black hair, and she always has her hair short like your first couple of pictures. She hates it, but growing it out is so awkward so she just keeps cutting it. I'm showing her this post. Your hair is BEAUTIFUL.

  2. Happy hair birthday! :-) I think you looked beautiful every step of the way! My little sisters are adopted from Ethiopia and have thought about getting their hair locked. Would you recommend it for elementary aged girls?

  3. I loved reading this and looking through the pictures! It was an educational experience (coming from the girl with the flattest, straightest, hair to ever exist) :)

  4. *wow* just looking at your hair has given me a newfound look on dreads! I HONESTLY didn't know you was rocking dreads I thought you had some kinky twists in. I never thought to have dreads but I like yours and if I did, I would mimic something like yours. *smile*

  5. Love seeing your natural hair journey! Sister locs look fabulous on you. Gorgeous!

  6. Your hair is awesome! I would love to try it, but my super-straight stubbornly-flat blonde hair won't let me. ;)


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