Faithful Friday: The Unknown

19 April 2013

Earlier this week I told you all about how I had been watching "The Life of Pi" and how I heard a sermon at a church that I visited about going through life's storms. Well I guess God knows I was not quite getting the message, so for a third time he has talked to me about my fear of following him into the Unknown. Today I was reading my devotional and there was a story about a great swimmer who swam for 15 hours trying to get from one shore to the next - but a fog had come while she swimming  So she decided to quit because not only was she tired but she could not see where she was going anymore. Her mom urged her to continue, but she stopped swimming, she was pulled out of the water and helped into the boat. As they moved forward in the boat the fog dissipated and revealed that she was only a little ways away from the shore. She said "All I could see was the fog, if I could had seen the shore I would have made it.

How many times does this happen to regular people in everyday situations? You quit because you do not know what's coming and you feel uncertain. You quit because you can not see the process from beginning to end. You quit because you worry too much about the small details. You quit because you have had a bad experience before and you do not think this time will be any different. I am here to tell you that you are not alone, we all face these challenges everyday. Each and everyone one of us will have moments where we are called to step out on our faith and take action, without knowing the entire outcome. After all isn't that the basis of faith?

Hebrews 11:1 (NLT) tells us that "Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see."

As a Christian our beliefs are founded on things that we have not seen, people we have never met, but we choose to believe anyhow. We believe that our God gave us his Son, who died on the cross for our sins. So when we believe all that, why is it so hard to have faith in the little things? Why is it so hard to believe that God will guide us through even the unknowns of our daily life when he said that he would? 

This is my command--be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the LORD your God is with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9 (NLT)

Like the swimmer I encourage you to figure out what your "fog" is and to not let it keep you from the goal. Believe that God will guide you and know that your breakthrough is right behind that "fog". Know that God sees your "fog" and will equip you with the strength to get through it. Remember that the same power that raised Christ from the dead is available to us to do God's will (Ephesians 3:19-20), all we need to do is ask and believe. I myself am struggling with my own "fog" but I declare and believe today that God has got me covered. I am trusting him as I walk into the Unknown, I take comfort in knowing that Jesus prays for me and that he will see me through(Romans 8:34).



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  1. Ah! So awesome! This basically goes with your email you wrote me. "The FOG" being our decisions and future. We could easily just stay at his parent's for another year, instead of facing and doing what we know we should do. Thank you so much for being such an amazing vessel filled with the holy spirit. Also for speaking out what you have heard from the Lord. You are an amazing person Charity!

  2. I loved this! Just what I wanted to hear. Thank you! I also love your blog. You are an inspiration! I have been following your blog for a while and just think you are amazing! God bless you.

    1. Hey Caroline I tried to respond to you via email but you do not have an email address attached to your blogger profile. I hope you come back to this post and see this response. I would love to chat with you a little more you can email me at thewordofanerd at gma il .com Thank you your kinds words of encouragement and thank you for reading my blog and taking the time to leave a comment. It truly means a lot to me. I pray that God blesses you and that you are having a great weekend.


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