27 April 2013

Listening to music via Spotify! I cannot believe that I am just discovering this wonderful thing. Thanks to my friend Jess.

Reading the day 12 Overcome the Lie challenge.

Praying intently and believing for some great news to share in the upcoming weeks. If you are reading this your prayers are appreciated. 

Loving my job as a photographer and being able to travel on a whim. I always wanted to be a jet-setter  I never thought it would come along with me being my own Boss! #Grateful

Missing my family and friends in Florida. But glad to know my Goddaughter's adoption has been finalized and that she is in Florida safe and sound.

Hoping to win a prize from Sweet Magnolias Farm blog's giveaway.

Stalking my garden still. My water sprayer was so forceful it damaged my tender little Thyme plant. I really hope that it recovers.

Thinking about what to get my mom for Mother's Day and her Birthday. My brain is wracked! Send good ideas my way but remember she is 1300 miles away.

Anyhow what are you guys currently up to? Link me to you own post or comment below.


1 comment:

  1. I am doing the challenge now, and I love it!
    As for your mom, I have a hand stamped jewelry business...


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