14 April 2013

Eating a wonderful meal from Panera Bread. I absolutely love their tomato soup and Mediterranean veggie sandwich. I got extra Peppadew Peppers and Hummus. Yummo. Oh you can be jealous. Haha!

Watching well getting ready to watch Chalte Chalte with my favorite bollywood stars Shah Ruhk Khan and Rani Muhkerji.
Listening to Jason Morant's Love Song. I am in total obsession mode with this song. Just listen to the words because it totally describes my relationship with God and probably yours too.

Reading the bible Philippians 3 was what God put on my spirit to read. It was very insightful and convicted me in many ways.

Praying to share some good news on the blog for the month of may.

Stalking my plants still. The other seedlings are sprouting. I saw some yellow tomato, onion, dill, and thyme seedling. Hope the others sprout up soon. The sunflowers are also doing great, I will replant them in different pots as soon as the sunflower seed kernels fall off completely.

Swooning over this ad from IKEA. I totally want to make a terrarium, this will be project 35,654. Haha.

Reflecting on yesterdays' service project with what I think will be my new church. I had an awesome Saturday and I cannot wait to share the project with you on Monday.

Grateful for an awesome husband. He is so patient and kind to me even when I am not my best self. Totally looking forward to sharing more about our marriage in the coming months.

Waiting for April 30th to come and go. May is going to be an awesome month I just know, Mother's Day and my Mom's birthday. I am just looking forward to celebrating something ya know.

Thankful for all of you wonderful friends who read my blog and take time to make comments. I am so glad for a genuine following. The fact that I see my blog is helping people brings me joy. 

So what are you doing currently? Let me know in the comments below or link me to your own post.



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  1. Jealous?? I am! Panera is one of my favorite places :)


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