Earth Day Related: Cloth Pads

29 April 2013

Hey Lovelies! So as promised I am back with the post to highlight the cloth menstrual pads I talked about in my Earth Day Post.

I purchased these pads from GEM Cloth in 2010 it has been three years since I made my cloth pad transition. I can say that I will never go back to the conventional store bought pads. I made the switch because I was tired of the irritation I got with the store bought pads. I was looking into cloth diapers and I thought to myself it would be so awesome if they had something like that for women. Then I started to find an array of cloth pads. There were rave reviews written by the women who made the switch so I began doing my research to find the best pad for my needs. I ultimately settled on GEM Cloth for the shape, materials, customer service, and the cost.

This post is not written to try and conform you, it is instead written to inform you. I want you to know that you have many options for your feminine care, there are products out there that are free of chemicals and can be used to care for your cycle without exposing your sensitive organs to harm.

Benefit of Cloth Pads
Chemical Free
Fragrance Free
Plastic Free
Saves Money (after initial investment)
No odor
Earth Friendly/No Waste
Most Women Report : Shorter, Lighter, and or Cramp Free menstrual Cycles
No glue getting adhered to places they do not belong
Better for Sensitive Skin/No Irritation

I can honestly say that I have received every single one of the benefits associated with cloth pads. My normal five day menstrual cycle went down to three days with only one heavy day. I was not plagued with tons of menstrual cramps before but the ones that I did have are completely gone. Not only am I thrilled about it but so is my husband, he's all for cloth pads now haha!

Most cloth pads are made of three parts. The top layer is a cotton woven material, the inner layers for absorbency are also cotton, hemp, bamboo or zorb, and the bottom layer is fleece which helps the pad to not move around on your underwear and also helps to make the pad leak resistant. The pads also have handy little snaps on each side to help them adhere to your underwear. The pads below are diamond pads the shape allows for maximum coverage to protect against leaks - also pictured are cloth pantyliners.

The pads from left to right are 12 inch Postpartum/Overnight Absorbancy, 10 inch Heavy Absorbency, 9 inch Regular Absorbency, and 8 inch Light Absorbency. These pads are very comfortable and feel similar to underwear. For maximum protection I would advise that they be worn with proper fitting underwear.

These are cloth pantyliners, they are great for daily use and can even work well as a tampon back up. They do not work well for heavy absorbency and are made for light use.

Traveling with cloth pads is very easy. When I take mine out I put them in a simple wetbag. This bag looks very similar to a makeup bag but it is water proof. I purchased a dual zippered wetbag to separate used and unused pads. In the end I actually used the side for unused pads to hold my makeup, because I rarely ever have both used and unused pads in the bag at the same time.

The brown side is not waterproof and is meant for unused pads. The blue side is water proof and made to house used pads. When pads have been used they are can be folded and stored in the bag like shown below.

Cleaning Pads

After storing my pads in the wet bag when I am on the go, I return home to rinse them out. I rinse them in COLD water. Hot water will set a stain so you do not want to use that until you are ready to wash the pads. I rinse the pads until the water runs clear. I then store them in my pad pot with cold water and vinegar. You can store your pads in a large jar, bucket, or pretty much anything that can hold water if you are doing the wet storage method. I purchased this beautiful pot for mine.

When my menstrual cycle comes to end I rinse my pads again and then mix up some OxiClean "like" solution. The Oxi cleaner will instruct you to mix it with hot water to release the cleaning power. Follow those directions but do not put your pads into the water until it has cooled. If you have major staining you can put the Oxi cleaner directly on the pads by making a paste, and allow them to soak a little longer. I usually allow my pads to soak in the solution over night.

When I am ready to wash, I do a prewash in cold water using a fragrance and dye free detergent, followed by a final wash with hot water. The hot water sanitizes the pads and removed the detergent. For the rinse cycle I make sure to fill my downy ball with vinegar as it acts a natural fabric softener that is fragrance and chemical free (If you have a really good washer you can preset your washer to do all these steps for you). Do not use other fabric softeners like downy, gain, or dryers sheets - these products will coat your pads and cause them to be less absorbent. Your pads can be washed with anything you wish if you are comfortable with that - like bath towels, cloth baby diapers, or whatever.

I dry my pads the same way I would dry towels. You want to make sure they are very dry, all the way to the core. To soften the pads even more you can use wool dryer balls if that is your thing, they wick away moisture and cut down on drying time.

Once those steps are complete you are ready to wear your pads again. Pantyliners can be washed just like underwear, if you are using them for Tampon of Diva Cup backup I would suggest using the pad washing method for them.

I hope I have answered all the questions you may have about alternative feminine care. I have made a list of things mentioned in the post in case you are interested in purchasing them for yourself.

Cloth Pads
GEM Cloth(My top choice)

Menstrual Cup
Diva Cup (Also Sold at Whole Foods)


Washing Supplies

If you have any other question let me know in the comments below.




27 April 2013

Listening to music via Spotify! I cannot believe that I am just discovering this wonderful thing. Thanks to my friend Jess.

Reading the day 12 Overcome the Lie challenge.

Praying intently and believing for some great news to share in the upcoming weeks. If you are reading this your prayers are appreciated. 

Loving my job as a photographer and being able to travel on a whim. I always wanted to be a jet-setter  I never thought it would come along with me being my own Boss! #Grateful

Missing my family and friends in Florida. But glad to know my Goddaughter's adoption has been finalized and that she is in Florida safe and sound.

Hoping to win a prize from Sweet Magnolias Farm blog's giveaway.

Stalking my garden still. My water sprayer was so forceful it damaged my tender little Thyme plant. I really hope that it recovers.

Thinking about what to get my mom for Mother's Day and her Birthday. My brain is wracked! Send good ideas my way but remember she is 1300 miles away.

Anyhow what are you guys currently up to? Link me to you own post or comment below.


Faithful Friday: Fruit

26 April 2013

I love gardening. That fact may be apparent to you if you have been keeping up with my currently post or if you saw my post about starting my indoor garden a few weeks ago. I stalk my garden just about everyday, I wonder if the plants will thrive, if they have enough water, sunlight, if they are warm, and most of all I wonder about what their fruits will be like.

As I was thinking about my garden I started to think about my relationship with God. He is the master gardener and we are his plants. His word is the soil that keeps us nourished, Jesus is the water quenches our thirst, the Holy Spirit is the shears he uses to prune us and the promise of heaven is our sunlight. God – our gardener has promised us an abundant life and in him we can grow many fruit. Our fruit should be evidence of the many ways that God has cultivated our lives. These are not physical fruit,


According to Galatians if we allow the Holy Spirit to have control these fruit should be apparent in our character. These fruit grow as we get to know Christ, love him, remember him, and as we imitate him – because all of these fruit are the very nature of Christ.

It's my daily goal to live like Christ and when people see me I want his fruit to be evident on my tree. I want them to look at me and know that my Gardener has been attentive and has taken care of me because I have remained in him (John 15:5). I want my faith in Christ to be apparent in my life through how I speak, think, and how I behave.
The Fruit of the Spirit are defined as:
Faithfulness - steadfast in affection or allegiance; loyal
Peace - a state of tranquility or quiet; calm
Joy- emotion of great delight or happiness
Patience - the capacity to accept or tolerate delay
Self Control - they act of denying yourself; controlling your impulses
Gentleness - not severe, rough, or violent; kind or tender disposition
Love - passionate affection for another person
Goodness - moral excellence; virtue
Kindness - the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate

Couldn't the world use a little more of all of these fruits?  Which fruit do you think are evident on your tree? Which fruit would you like to produce? Based on your personality is your faith in Christ evident?



Overcome The Lie: Happy HumpDay!!

24 April 2013

Hey Lovelies!!

It's finally the middle of the week. Be encouraged you have finally made it to the top of the hump and the weekend is just two days away. I just wanted to come on and post some encouragement for whatever you may be going through today or in your life general. Sometimes we face many trials and we go at it alone we do not even think to share with God or even a close friend or family member. Sometimes our problems eat us up inside to where we think everything is hopeless.

Those thoughts that are discouraging, disheartening, and devious are all lies that the enemy would have you to believe. If you are having a problem and you think no one cares, if you have considered suicide and you think no one will notice that you are gone, and if you feel unloved.....those are lies. The enemy wants to defeat you and the only way he can do that is by getting you to believe those lies. I declare over all my readers today that you will not be defeated by his lies. The truth is that God loves us and wants the best for us, in his will we are destined to do great things here on earth and later in heaven.

I have recently joined a challenge to help myself and many other people overcome the lies that the enemy has told us. He has tried to bring me down by telling me that my marriage would fail (sorry that won't happen we are at nearly 8 years strong and more in love now than ever before) and that womb was barren and that I would not be the happy mother of children (God is the bringer of life, not you broke down Satan!), so I know that's a lie. My Father in heaven has promised me great things and I will not allow the devil help my mind to betray my heart. So if you are interested in joining me in overcoming the lies that you have been told I urge you to join the OverCometheLie Challenge. We will be starting day 9 tomorrow but it's never to late to start,  Ashley the Founder of the challenge can get you set up with an accountability partner.

During this challenge I have pledge to fast from social medias because I seriously can get addicted to Instagram and Twitter, this blog is the exception because I believe it's part of my calling. I limit my time on the computer and have spent more time reading my bible and building my marriage and other relationships. I am believing that God will deliver in big ways when these 40 days have been completed. He has already been helping me to see his love for me just through prayer and conversations with my accountability and prayer partner Christina.

If you are not ready to do the challenge feel free to let me know if you want prayer I would be happy to pray for you. Just leave a comment on the blog saying you want prayer and when I when I respond to your comment via private email you can tell me what you need prayer for...or not. I do not have to know your business I can pray for you because God already knows what you need. Anyhow if you want prayer just make sure you are not a no-reply blogger so I can get back to you.

Have a great HumpDay my loves.



Happy Earth Day!

22 April 2013

Hey Lovelies Happy Earth Day!
Today we celebrate the 43rd annual Earth Day, which was founded by Gaylord Nelson. The first Earth was actually held in NYC. So what better time to celebrate than now.

In celebration of Earth Day I have prepared this video to share with you some ways that I am green - I hope that you will identify with a few of things to make changes in your life as well. Please be sure to stick with me all the way until the end.

I hope you enjoyed this video. Stay tuned for next week's post as I highlight cloth pads for the last post regarding Earth Day. I will be discussing what they are made from, how they help make your menstrual cycle easier, how to wear them and how to clean them. If you cannot wait until next week here is where you can purchase the cloth pads shown in this video.

Happy Earth Day again. Pledge to be kinder to the planet from this day forward.




20 April 2013

Listening to Sovereign by Chris Tomlin, a friend sent me the link for the song yesterday and I haven't stopped listening to it. The song truly gives me chills - I urge you to check it out listen to all the words.

Reading 1 John 3 with the girls in the OvercomeTheLie Challenge. What an amazing reminder that we are children of God and that he loves us. The picture below shows how I am counting down the days with tabs on my computer. They serve to remind me of the challenge even while I am sitting at my computer.

Stalking my plants. It's been a few weeks since they were planted now and all the herbs in the kitchen are growing. I am so proud! Still waiting on the other plants to catch up though.

Drinking a cup of tea, chai is my favorite - I sip and pretend I am drinking it in India.

Praying for God to stay close to all the brokenhearted people in our world. Be encouraged if you are dealing with something God sees you, he hears you, and if you trust in him he will work it all out for you good.

Thankful for friends and family. There is nothing like having positive people in your life who can pour into you and who allow you to pour back into them.

Loving my Husband. I do not know if I say it on the blog often but my husband is an amazing guy. Seriously, I do not want to brag but there is not one person out there who can honestly say a bad word against him. He's not perfect but he is forgiving, kind, loving, and my soul mate  Check out these photos of him with our Goddaughter.

Heading out to a class at church, I hope to share more about it on the blog next month. It's from 3-6pm but I have a few errands I need to run before then. Plus I have to put money on my metrocard lol.

What are you up to currently?



Faithful Friday: The Unknown

19 April 2013

Earlier this week I told you all about how I had been watching "The Life of Pi" and how I heard a sermon at a church that I visited about going through life's storms. Well I guess God knows I was not quite getting the message, so for a third time he has talked to me about my fear of following him into the Unknown. Today I was reading my devotional and there was a story about a great swimmer who swam for 15 hours trying to get from one shore to the next - but a fog had come while she swimming  So she decided to quit because not only was she tired but she could not see where she was going anymore. Her mom urged her to continue, but she stopped swimming, she was pulled out of the water and helped into the boat. As they moved forward in the boat the fog dissipated and revealed that she was only a little ways away from the shore. She said "All I could see was the fog, if I could had seen the shore I would have made it.

How many times does this happen to regular people in everyday situations? You quit because you do not know what's coming and you feel uncertain. You quit because you can not see the process from beginning to end. You quit because you worry too much about the small details. You quit because you have had a bad experience before and you do not think this time will be any different. I am here to tell you that you are not alone, we all face these challenges everyday. Each and everyone one of us will have moments where we are called to step out on our faith and take action, without knowing the entire outcome. After all isn't that the basis of faith?

Hebrews 11:1 (NLT) tells us that "Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see."

As a Christian our beliefs are founded on things that we have not seen, people we have never met, but we choose to believe anyhow. We believe that our God gave us his Son, who died on the cross for our sins. So when we believe all that, why is it so hard to have faith in the little things? Why is it so hard to believe that God will guide us through even the unknowns of our daily life when he said that he would? 

This is my command--be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the LORD your God is with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9 (NLT)

Like the swimmer I encourage you to figure out what your "fog" is and to not let it keep you from the goal. Believe that God will guide you and know that your breakthrough is right behind that "fog". Know that God sees your "fog" and will equip you with the strength to get through it. Remember that the same power that raised Christ from the dead is available to us to do God's will (Ephesians 3:19-20), all we need to do is ask and believe. I myself am struggling with my own "fog" but I declare and believe today that God has got me covered. I am trusting him as I walk into the Unknown, I take comfort in knowing that Jesus prays for me and that he will see me through(Romans 8:34).



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Monday Mashup: Tuesday Edition

16 April 2013

So it's Tuesday but here is our Monday Mashup.

Friday was an awesome day. As the weekend was set to begin I did a lot of organizing around the house. Trying to get our living room back organized after doing tons of rearranging. So far I managed to get the coffee table cleared and I put some things in my desk. When I moved to this apartment I sat down and sketched exactly how I wanted each room to look in a composition book called apartment therapy.  It's so awesome seeing one room come completely to life...short of wall hangings. I was able to scratch off most of the list for our hallway. Our living room just needs end tables so that room is next, super excited about that.

Saturday was so awesome, I served with a church from morning to afternoon. You can read more about that HERE. My husband also was able to visit the church for the first time with me, we discussed what we learned from the service but I haven't asked him if he was ready to settle there yet. So stay tuned for that part. It was just so awesome to be in the house of God with the man that I love. The church also held baptisms that night and I cried like a baby. The symbolism behind being dipped in the water is so touching, praises to God for new beginnings through the life, death, and life of his Son Jesus Christ.

Sunday I spend a great amount of time reading my bible and journaling. Super excited about how I have been feeling over the past few days. On Saturday nights' service the guest Pastor said that everyone is dealing with a "Storm" (struggles that come into our lives). He said you were in one of three categories when it came to storms, you were either:

  1. Going into a storm.
  2. In a Storm.
  3. Coming out of a storm.
He also said that we needed to be wise and not foolish to make it through this storms. So I spent Sunday reading about and praying for wisdom to make it out of my current storm.

I closed the night by watching the Life of Pi with my husband. I think it's the equivalent of an Eat Pray Love for men. Haha. This movie also was spot on with the message we received Saturday night, as the main character Pi had to make it through several storms in his life. If you have not seen it already I highly recommend it.

Monday I rose early as Mr.FixIt and I had an appointment to pick up a chair that we found on Craigslist. It is an antique swivel chair. We will be fixing it up along with the desk that I purchased from there a few months ago. I know it doesn't look that great but it is in great condition and only needs a coat of paint the hard wear and everything else is in great condition. Also I was thrilled to get the chair from two awesome ladies Susan and Jane, I found out the most interesting thing that they were nuns for 39 years and lived in a convent. I hugged them both with excitement because it is such a big vow to God. Every time I go to pick up pieces from Craigslist God just shows me he's always there and I have met wonderful people via Craigslist. When I fix up the items that I purchase from these people I send them photos afterwards so they can see that their pieces go on to live a new life. I totally love this furniture thrifting adventure we are on.

I can almost feel the end of our Craigslist immediate buy list. We just need end tables and possibly six Ingolf chairs if we can find them. I have been totally busy the past few weeks and the ones coming up. So nothing has been painted yet. As soon as we begin a project I will post so you guys can see the before and afters. As of right now the hall buffet and coffee table are first on the to do list.

Anyhow enough about me, how was your weekend? Tell me in the comments below or link me to your own post.



Earth Day Project/Coffee & Conversations

15 April 2013

Hey Lovelies,

I have been super excited to share about this. Most of you know that I have been looking for a new church since we left Florida. Well on Easter I visited a church and low and behold they mentioned some of their upcoming service projects. I was so excited to do one of the projects because as Christians we are called to serve our community...but we also are put on the earth to be rulers, not destroyers (Genesis 1:26). So cleaning up the earth, taking care of the animals, and taking care of each other is our primary function next to serving God.

With that said the project was to clean up, paint, provide food, and spend time with some under privileged children at a local homeless shelter. When I signed up I registered to work where I believed I was the most gifted, so I sign up to do some gardening. I thought oh planting some trees, flowers, shrubs....that sounds like fun. Boy was I mistaken. I mean well we did plant trees but man oh man we had to landscape first. We picked up insane amounts of trash and some of the residents were still throwing things out the window as we cleaned. We found crack vials, needles, pipes, dirty diapers, all in the garden area where the children play. So not only was cleaning hazardous it was taxing as well.

We cleaned up all the trash within two hours of getting there and were really proud of ourselves. Many people passing by asked us what we were doing and where we were from. It seem foreign to see people cleaning in this part of the city. Since I was so overwhelmed with what I saw I did not even take before pictures. Nevertheless I think the pictures tell the story of how we worked together to help people and to clean our planet.

What are you doing to celebrate Earth Day this year? Tell me in the comments below or link me to your own post.


14 April 2013

Eating a wonderful meal from Panera Bread. I absolutely love their tomato soup and Mediterranean veggie sandwich. I got extra Peppadew Peppers and Hummus. Yummo. Oh you can be jealous. Haha!

Watching well getting ready to watch Chalte Chalte with my favorite bollywood stars Shah Ruhk Khan and Rani Muhkerji.
Listening to Jason Morant's Love Song. I am in total obsession mode with this song. Just listen to the words because it totally describes my relationship with God and probably yours too.

Reading the bible Philippians 3 was what God put on my spirit to read. It was very insightful and convicted me in many ways.

Praying to share some good news on the blog for the month of may.

Stalking my plants still. The other seedlings are sprouting. I saw some yellow tomato, onion, dill, and thyme seedling. Hope the others sprout up soon. The sunflowers are also doing great, I will replant them in different pots as soon as the sunflower seed kernels fall off completely.

Swooning over this ad from IKEA. I totally want to make a terrarium, this will be project 35,654. Haha.

Reflecting on yesterdays' service project with what I think will be my new church. I had an awesome Saturday and I cannot wait to share the project with you on Monday.

Grateful for an awesome husband. He is so patient and kind to me even when I am not my best self. Totally looking forward to sharing more about our marriage in the coming months.

Waiting for April 30th to come and go. May is going to be an awesome month I just know, Mother's Day and my Mom's birthday. I am just looking forward to celebrating something ya know.

Thankful for all of you wonderful friends who read my blog and take time to make comments. I am so glad for a genuine following. The fact that I see my blog is helping people brings me joy. 

So what are you doing currently? Let me know in the comments below or link me to your own post.


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