What is the Nerd's Word?

14 March 2013

Who's the Nerd:

I am a regular girl who loves Christ and lives intentionally for him. I started this blog to share my journey in life as a Christian woman who wears many hats. As you read my blog please do not get discouraged thinking that because I know Christ that I have arrived. I am not perfect and will never be. Please do not be discouraged by stories of happiness or things that seem like earthly perfection because we all know that all that glitters is not gold. I have a life with happiness, joy, problems, sorrow, guilt, conviction, and hard times just like you do. Most days I choose not to highlight those issues because I believe in giving thanks to God in every situation...so I will always try and find the smallest things to give thanks for. I will not judge you because it is not my place, do not confuse me with the worlds definition of a Christian - which is hypocritical, condescending  and judgmental. Know that true followers of Christ are called to love, show grace, and to gently correct other believers. I may not succeed every time but I am practicing and that's what counts.

What's the Word:
With this blog I want to show you that Christian life is fun, that it can be adventurous, and most of all that through Christ lasting friendships can be formed. I want to share the ins and outs of a Christian marriage, and aspects of Christian parenting. I want you to see that I can dance, have fun, hangout and indulge in a little wine. I believe that God designed life for us to enjoy it without guilt for things that are not harmful - while being responsible and honoring him in all that we do.  Right now I have just a handful of readers and while it is my desire that this blog would grow and reach people I desire a genuine following of people from all different sides of the spectrum. I want this blog to be a place of inspiration, truth, and most of all fun. I want this space to uplift souls, to be light and salt that makes people thirsty for Christ. I want women - moms, wives, sisters, friends to enjoy the realness of this blog and to find common ground with the stories I share from my life.

I desire for my readers to be open with their thoughts and comments in a tasteful way. I hope that God inspires me to write something to reach and teach each one of you.

Prayer for this blog:
Dear Daddy,

Please anoint whatever it is that I am doing for you. Let this blog be a way to bless, teach, and draw people closer to you. Use everything I do for you purpose and your glory.


Thank you for swinging by this blog, I pray that you will start up your computer, make your coffee, pull up a chair and stay a while.

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