Upcoming Projects: Craigslist Update

15 March 2013

Hey Lovelies,

So a few weeks ago I talked with you all about how to Bargain Shop for furniture pieces on Craigslist. I walked you all through steps even down to contacting the seller about an item that you are interested in. I shared that I was interested in the coffee table pictured below and had contacted the seller about making the purchase.

Well I'd like to announce that we are now the proud owners of this wonderful table. Mr.FixIt actually drove all the way to Philadelphia to pick it up while I was in Florida. Talk about determination and going out of the way to show love for your spouse, he is an amazing guy - even I was too lazy to take the drive.

Coffee Table Purchased via Craigslist $65

The price was right and the quality of the table was very much worth what we paid, and it was in excellent condition. I will say that at $65 dollars it is the most expensive Craigslist purchase to date, however it still ended up cheaper than the IKEA table I fantasized about while still coming very close to the look I was going for. We still have to paint it but there will be no major repair work needed as this item was in top of the line condition. So as I head back home on Wednesday this is what I have to look forward too.

Mr.FixIt and I also have another project that we are waiting to start. We have a old credenza that we are wanting to paint and fix up for our hallway. This is also a piece that is in great condition, all it needs is some sanding, primer, and a few coats of paint.

Credenza from Craigslist $30 dollars.

I know it seems as if we have many projects going on but I am trying to get a collection of pieces to work on at the same time so that when we begin the messiest stages (sanding & priming) we only have to prep and clean up once. We will likely dedicate an entire day to sanding and priming as soon as we find our end tables.

And just for fun here are some photos that I have been looking at for living room inspiration. All images were found via Pinterest search.

Aren't these living rooms just to die for? I love the bold colors, open spaces, and mismatched furniture that still seems to flow together. Most of all I love the mixes and pops of color in each living room. Which one is your favorite? Also I went to Homegoods and nearly fainted when I saw their sign that said welcome to India. Apparently every year in February Homegoods does a big haul of goods from India....(fairtrade of course) to sell in their stores. I just happened to be in Florida at the time and couldn't possibly take back all that I had seen. Here are some items that I was swooning over.

Colorful hand painted trays.
End tables and decorative vases and boxes.
Beautiful seat cushions.
Cute little hand painted end table.
Repurposed fabric turned stool.
Oh so India arm chair.
And if you cannot tell just based on the photos what my design style is check it out below. My results were spot on which I thought was hilarious because most of my friends and family have already told me that. It was like a confirmation. But just because I have OCD I did the quiz for a second time to see if the results were the same, and there were. I am officially BOHO.

 Well lovelies I hope that was enough inspiration and catching up on what we are currently doing or planning to do. Want you know your design style? Find out HERE. Also let me know what you think in the comments below and follow me on BLOGLOVIN. Thanks.


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