On my heart...

27 March 2013

GOD, as I relive the passion of Christ I am overwhelmed at the sacrifice that was made for my life.

My husband. Is it possible to be loved this much by a human? I never fathomed that anyone could make me feel the way that he does. I never dreamed that we would be this in love.

The children of the Drop Box. If you have never heard of it please take a moment to watch the video below. It broke my heart in so many ways. I continue to think about them but I have no idea what God would have me to do.

My family. I worry about their individual issues, and pray that they know they are not alone. Of course for most of their issues I am worthless to them but God is not.

My friendships, while sometimes I feel strain in maintaining them I know that it is so worth. A brief history - I've always had many friends, some of the relationships withered and other I destroyed myself. I am learning how to be a friend all over again - but this time it's more rewarding than before. I read something in Proverbs a few weeks ago that said "we should not seek to find good friends, but we should seek to be good friends". I am trying to be a good friend.

These are a few things that have been on my heart today? What's on yours?


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