Monday Mashup

04 March 2013

This weekend was super busy so instead of posting for every single thing that happened I am bringing you all a Monday Mashup post, to recap the weekend.

Friday was totally awesome, a laid back day. I stayed up until Saturday in the wee morning hours revamping my blog. It looks better then it did before, but please remember I am a photographer not a web designer – if you see any flaws feel free to gently critique me. Take a look around and let me know what you think. You may also sign up to follow my blog on Google Friends Connect. On Friday morning I also introduced a series on the blog called Letters to God. You can read more about there HERE.

Saturday I spent a great deal of time with my family. I was running off steam since I got only about 2 hours of sleep the night before. I did however manage to make a trip to Whole Foods to get some groceries and I even cooked dinner. I tried my best to stay off social networks so that I could just have fun with the people I love before going back home.

Sunday I had an amazing time at my church, Christ Fellowship! Homestead is my campus, if you would like to watch the sermon which was on what women are called by God to do in their marriages – you can check that out HERE. I also featured my first open letter from the Letters to God series read that HERE. This is a month long series and I will be featuring a new open letter every Sunday. I hope you will join me. After church on Sunday I also did a little shopping. Let me just say that I am a dress fanatic and Maxi dresses can be a little costly - so when I want a maxi dress that is the only time I shop a ROSS. The first three dresses are ones that I actually purchased the last one is my own, that I wore to the store. I really hate shopping at ROSS because it's usually so disorganized in comparison to Marshall's and TJMaxx - but I have found the remedy to that is to go shopping early in the day. I avoid the crowds and the racks are a little easier to look through.

In conclusion to this Monday Mashup post, I want to talk you all about Influenster. It’s a site that allows you to make your voice know about products you like and dislike. They also use word of mouth marketing by sending free products in exchange for your honest reviews. I signed up a few months ago and was chosen to receive a February Vox Box filled with tons of products to try and review. I have spent a great deal of the weekend reviewing the products that I have received so check back on the blog tomorrow for my February Vox Box review.

Have you signed up for Influenster? If not, what are you waiting for? I can't send out anymore invites but you can request one HERE! Let me know if you sign up in the comments below.


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